Almost every week on the Scriptnotes podcast, John and Craig share a One Cool Thing: something they like that they think you’ll like. This page provides an updated listing of all the cool things to date.

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189: Uncluttered by Ignorance

188: Midseason Finale

187: The Coyote Could Stop Any Time

186: The Rules (or, the Paradox of the Outlier)

185: Malcolm Spellman, a Study in Heat

184: Go Set a Spider-Man

183: The Deal with the Gravity Lawsuit

182: The One with Rebel Wilson and Dan Savage


180: Bad Teachers, Good Advice and the Default Male

179: The Conflict Episode

178: Doing, not thinking

177: Cutting Pages and Fixing Holes

176: Advice to a First-Time Director

174: Hacks, Transference and Where to Begin

173: The Perfect Reader

172: Franz Kafka’s brother, and the perfect agent

171: Finishing a script, and the Perfect Studio Executive

170: Lotteries, lightning strikes and twist endings

169: Descending Into Darkness

168: Austin Forever

  • John Serial is a new podcast from the creators of This American Life
  • Susannah Birdman is in theaters now

167: The Tentpoles of 2019

166: Critics, Characters and Business Affairs

165: Toxic Perfection Syndrome

164: Guardians of the Galaxy’s Nicole Perlman

162: Luck, sequels and bus money

161: A Cheap Cut of Meat Soaked in Butter

160: A Screenwriter’s Guide to the End of the World

159: The Mystery of the Disappearing Articles

158: Putting a price on it

157: Threshers, Mergers and the Top Two Boxes

155: Two Writers, One Script

154: Making Things Better by Making Things Worse

153: Selling without selling out

152: The Rocky Shoals (pages 70-90)

151: Secrets and Lies

150: Yes, screenwriting is actually writing

  • John James Ward Byrkit’s Coherence
  • Craig Quackwatch is your guide to quackery, health fraud, and intelligent decisions

148: From Debussy to VOD

147: To Chase or To Spec

146: Wet Hot American Podcast

143: Photoplays and archetypes

141: Uncomfortable Ambiguity, or Nobody Wants Me at their Orgy

140: Falling back in love with your script

  • John Monument Valley is available now for iOS, and soon for Android
  • Craig Nomad, makers of Charge Key (and Charge Card)

139: The Crossover Episode

138: The Deal with the Deal

137: Draw Your Own Werewolf

136: Ghosts Laughing at Jokes

135: World-building

134: So Many Questions

132: The Contract between Writers and Readers

131: Procrastination and Pageorexia

130: Period Space

129: The One with the Guys from Final Draft

127: Women and Pilots

126: Punching the Salty Ocean

125: Egoless Screenwriting

122: Young Billionaire’s Guide to Hollywood

121: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’s Screenwriter

120: Let’s talk about coverage

119: Positive Moviegoing

118: Time Travel with Richard Kelly

117: Not Just Dialogue

116: Damsels in distress

115: Back to Austin with Rian Johnson and Kelly Marcel

114: Blockbusters

113: Not Safe for Children

112: Let me give you some advice

111: What’s Next

109: Scriptnotes Live from New York

  • John Bid now for a Big Fish backstage tour with John and Andrew (and support a Los Angeles public school)
  • Craig Let us know if you’re in Vienna and willing to meet up with Craig
  • Andrew Recette restaurant

108: Are two screens better than one?

107: Talking to actors

106: Two ENTJs walk into a bar (and fix it)

105: Adventures in semi-colons

104: Ender’s Game, one-hours and alt-jokes

103: Disaster Porn, and Spelling Things Out

102: Hits, misses and hedge funds

100: Scriptnotes, the 100th episode

99: Psychotherapy for screenwriters

98: Long movies, producer credits and price-fixing

97: Is 15 the new 30?

95: Notes on the death of the film industry

94: 10 Questions, 10 Answers

93: Let’s talk about Nikki Finke

91: Bechdel and Batman

89: Writing effective transitions

88: Ugly children and cigarettes

87: Moving On is not Giving Up

86: Taking notes

85: Another Time and Place

84: First sale and funny on the page

83: A city born of fire

82: God doesn’t need addresses

81: Veronica Mars Attacks

80: Rhythm and Blues

79: Rigorous, structured daydreaming

78: The Germans have a word for it

77: We’d Like to Make an Offer

75: Villains

74: Three-Hole Punchdrunk

  • John Casting director Pat Moran from The Credits

72: People still buy movies

  • John Starred changes
  • Craig Tesla Model S

71: Unless they pay you, the answer is no

69: Eggnog and Dreadlock Santa

67: The air duct of backstory

66: One-step deals, and how to read a script

65: The Next 117 Pages

63: The Mystery of the Js

62: We’re all Disney princesses now

61: Alt-universe panels

60: The Black List, and a stack of scenes

59: Plot holes, and the myth of perseveraversity

58: Writing your very first screenplay

57: What is a movie idea?

56: Gorilla City and the Kingdom of Toads

55: Producers and pitching

54: Eight Reasonable Questions about Screenwriting

53: Action is more than just gunfights and car chases

52: Grammar, guns and butter

51: Dashes, ellipses and underground monsters

50: How to Not Be Fat

49: Losing sleep over critics

48: Craig dreams of sushi

47: What script should you write?

46: Mistakes development executives make

45: Setting, perspective and terrible numbers

43: Pen Names and Divine Intervention

42: Verbs are what’s happening

41: Getting to page one

40: Death and feedback

39: Littlest Plot Shop

37: Let’s talk about dialogue

36: Writer’s block and other romantic myths

35: The Disney Dilemma