FDX Reader

Making the App Store better

David Smith has compiled a list of recommendations for making the App Store experience better, including a better way to handle refunds.

On Rotation

Going through the apps on my first few screens, I realized that landscape on the iPhone is far from universal.

Introducing Weekend Read

We have a new app. It’s called Weekend Read. It’s for reading scripts on your iPhone, and it’s free on the App Store right now.

Topping the charts and racing to the bottom

As someone who sells apps, I’d love near-real-time sales reports, link tracking, and better management of promo codes. But what I want most is for Apple to get rid of the charts.

Final Draft Reader’s limited view

Final Draft has released a new version of Final Draft Reader, adding support for iPhones to their heretofore iPad-only app.

FDX Reader turns one

FDX Reader, our app for reading Final Draft scripts on the iPad and iPhone, came out a year ago today. It feels like much longer ago. I have some theories why.

Pricing FDX Reader

The official Final Draft Reader app is a lot like our app, FDX Reader. In fact, the only reason we made our app is because we needed to read Final Draft files and their app didn’t exist. So the question now is how to position our app vis-à-vis the official one.

FDX Reader, now on iPhone

FDX Reader, our app for reading Final Draft files on the iPad, is now a universal app with support for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

FDX Reader 1.0.2

Apple just approved an update for FDX Reader. If you’ve installed the app, it should show up in your updates momentarily.

Two App Stores is one too many

We got an email this morning from a guy — let’s call him Bob — who wanted to check out FDX Reader, but couldn’t find it in the App Store. That’s because he was looking in the wrong App Store. And it’s not his fault, really.

We made an app

FDX Reader lets you open Final Draft (.fdx) files on your iPad, and makes them look nice. It’s not an editor. It’s just a reader, like iBooks or the Kindle app. And it’s available in the App Store now.