john august headshotThis site belongs to John August. I wrote everything here, unless it’s specifically credited to someone else.

The site has been around since 2003, and now has more than 1,500 posts. (If you’re curious, you can see snapshots of what it’s looked like over the years.)

I’m mostly known as a screenwriter. My credits include Go, Big Fish, Charlie’s Angels, Titan A.E., Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie.

I’m writing the Arlo Finch series of middle-grade fiction books. If you like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, there’s a good chance you’ll dig them. You might want to leave a review on GoodReads. I’ve also written short fiction, including The Variant and Snake People.

I wrote the book for the Broadway musical version of Big Fish. It gets produced quite often around the world, with licenses through Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

I wrote and directed the 2007 movie The Nines, starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa McCarthy. It’s generally available through Netflix and iTunes.

For television, I created the show D.C. for the WB Network. It was a terrible experience. I’ve also written pilots for ABC and Fox, both of which went fine.

Through my company, Quote-Unquote Apps, I’ve released several popular apps and doodads, including Highland 2, Weekend Read, and Bronson Watermarker.

I also created Writer Emergency Pack and the games One Hit Kill and AlphaBirds.

I commissioned the typeface Courier Prime, designed by Alan Dague-Greene.

I collaborated with Stu Maschwitz, Nima Yousefi and others to develop the Fountain markup syntax for screenwriting, which allows users to write screenplays in any text editor.

I married Mike August in 2008. We have a daughter, born in 2005.

The site was originally designed by Ryan Nelson, and is currently maintained by Dustin Bocks. Editorial supervision by Megan McDonnell.

You can reach me through Twitter or email.