The Variant

What free gets you on Kindle

Last week, I ran an experiment to see what would happen if I took one of my existing Kindle titles (Snake People) and made it free for three days. Here are the results.

Spelunking the Kindle market, cont’d.

Amazon’s new KDP Select program allows self-publishers to run free-book promotions. I’m running an experiment to see what that means for one of my older titles, Snake People.

Writing Faster

Michael Agger looks at scientific studies on writing to find reasons why it’s so damn hard, and slow.

Sales figures for The Variant

A reader asks for an update on my first experiment with publishing on the Kindle platform.

The Variant and Snake People

If you got a Kindle or iPad for Christmas, I have two short stories you may want to check out. Each works as a nice palate-cleanser from too much holiday cheer.

Snake People

I have a brand-new short story called Snake People. It’s available today, free. Snake People is a bit shorter than The Variant, and…well, kinkier. By movie terms, it would still be Rated R, but I feel some fair warning is called for. It’s both fleshy and scaly. The story is part of Popcorn Fiction, an […]

The Variant, free this weekend

On Monday, I’ll be publishing a brand new short story. In the meantime, I want to offer up The Variant for anyone who might have missed it.

Free ebooks correlated with increased print-book sales

In books and in movies, increased sampling usually generates more sales than it costs.

How much should ebooks cost?

Adding up the publisher’s expenses shows there is plenty of room for flexibility in pricing.

Kindle, international edition

Amazon’s Kindle, the e-book reader I adore, is now available in more than 100 countries.

Why some folks got The Variant free

When I published The Variant for 99 cents, I invited readers to explain why they should get it free. Here are some of the requests.

Popcorn Fiction

A new online anthology features short stories written by top screenwriters.

June figures for The Variant

It’s interesting to note how much better the Kindle sales have held up than the downloads — likely the self-fulfilling nature of being on the best-seller list for its genre.

Variant cover artwork

Since you released “The Variant” independently, how’d you get the nifty cover art?

NPR on Twitter and The Variant

NPR’s All Things Considered tonight has a piece by Alex Cohen about how artists use Twitter, including me with my short story The Variant.

Variant mid-month sales figures

Since the last update, sales for The Variant have been much stronger for the Kindle version than the downloadable version.

40 reviews in 24 hours

If we can get to 40 Amazon reviews of The Variant by noon (LA time) on Thursday, I’ll share a scene from my never-finished comedy Greeks, a collegiate buddy comedy set in mythological times.

Spelunking the Kindle market

How many books does Amazon sell on Kindle each day? Is there a classic long tail — and is it even worth being on it? Amazon is incredibly opaque with the details, even when you’re publishing on their system.

How much does a short story earn in a magazine?

I really had no idea what people were getting paid for short stories, so I asked Matt to dig up some numbers.

Welcome, NY Times readers

The NY Times has an article today about The Variant, the Kindle, and my Twitter followers.

A week of The Variant

My short story has been on the market for a week. As promised, here’s an update on how the 99-cent experiment has gone.

Mapping The Variant

Partially-redacted sales data for The Variant is available for curious data-miners.