The great big list of fictional diseases

The Motaba virus sounds bad, but the cure — heavy doses of Dustin Hoffman — is arguably worse.

Confessions of a genius script reader

LC (whose email handle ThrobbingSocks is much more provocative) tipped me off to this Film Threat article by Allan Heifetz which explains some of the more significant pet peeves of professional (and unprofessional) script readers. Newbies also love to break the fourth wall. These fools must think they have super strength. “Hulk smash fourth wall! […]

La escritura profesional y el auge de los amateurs

My first experience with being translated.

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!

A useful guide to super-villainy.

Screenwriter makes, saves a million dollars

Why it’s important for screenwriters to stay active throughout production.

Google cheat sheet

Everyone knows how to Google, but there are some special functions that can really help when you need specific information on, say, atheist penguins. (Yes, that was my attempt at a Google Whack. No, it didn’t work.) Google has a great cheat sheet with hints for finding just what you need. If you have a […]

Other writer sites

In the share-the-love category: A growing number of writers have websites and/or blogs that you may want to check out for more information and opinions about the craft, the business and the unreality of screenwriting. Here are a few worth perusing: Lee Goldberg has written extensively for television, and also has several novels to his […]