Logic and Gimmickry

John and Craig step up to the whiteboard to look at the story logic in our scripts, then examine how tricks and gimmicks can help keep scenes interesting.

My writing setup, 2016

In 2011, I wrote a post detailing my writing setup. Over the past five years several things have changed, so I thought I’d give it update.

How we record Scriptnotes

Many listeners have asked how Craig and I record our weekly podcast, so here’s a quick rundown of our standard operating procedure.

Let’s talk about Nikki Finke

John and Craig discuss the polarizing potentate of Deadline Hollywood Daily, then segue into what a healthy entertainment journalism ecosystem might look like.

Screenplays and the iPad mini

Several folks on Twitter have asked me whether the iPad mini is good for reading screenplays.

It is. It’s really good.

Falling in love with plain text

Stu Maschwitz explains how blogging led him to fall out of love with as-you-type formatting and embrace plain text.

Using a wiki to outline a screenplay

Nothing is overkill if it helps. The only danger I see is that you can spend so much time getting the wiki just right that you never actually write the movie.

Motion picture film cameras, 1888-2011

The three major manufactures of motion picture cameras have stopped making new film cameras.

Giving up on Blu-ray

Khoi Vinh argues the Blu-ray format is demonstrably worse than what came before it.

Less IMDb updated

We pushed a minor update (1.0.8) to Less IMDb, which makes three requested changes.