Craig and I will be doing two live shows this summer in Los Angeles. They’re vastly different, but both should be cool.

The first is Saturday, June 29th, part of Craft Day for the Writers Guild Foundation. It’s an all-day event with four different panels of writers and agents and industry folk talking about everything screenwriter-related. (That’s why it’s a more-expensive ticket.)

We’re first on the schedule at 10 a.m., so don’t sleep in. It’s at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, not the WGA headquarters on Fairfax. (This reminder is for my friend Quinn.)

In the spirit of the event, this edition of the podcast will be all about the writing. We’ll share pages from never-produced projects,1 dig into minutiae, and generally obsess about words. We’ll even try a live version of the Three Page Challenge. If you’re brave enough to have the two of us look at your pages in front of a crowd, this could be your chance.

Tickets are on sale right now for the WGF edition. There’s a good chance it will sell out, so don’t dally. If you’re coming, get a ticket.

Our 100th Episode Extravaganza on Thursday, July 25 will be a nighttime event at the Academy’s Lab on Vine, just south of Arclight Hollywood.2 Craig and I just toured the space, and holy jeebus, it’s amazing. There will be food and alcohol and special guests and surprises I don’t want to spoil.

You only turn 100 once, so we’re not holding anything back. It’s our prom, damnit.

We expect tickets for the 100th will go on sale July 1st. Five bucks. It will sell out, so maybe mark your calendars to be ready to click-click.

Our thanks to the Writers Guild Foundation and the Academy for arranging these events. We look forward to seeing lots of listeners’ faces.

  1. For the Craft Day event, there’s a strong chance we’ll do a handout that’s only for the live audience.
  2. We originally thought the 100th was going to be a Sunday event, but this space opened up.