Heroes: Origins

How I got the gig to write and direct an episode of the (now defunct) HEROES spin-off.

Her least favorite mistake

An episode of Grey’s Anatomy might have the same title as your spec. That’s not even close to being plagiarism.

Comments for Jane Espenson

A correction for Jane’s awesome website.

Trusting your audience

Kudos to the writers of HEROES for letting the audience connect the dots.

Lost Rooms and American Zombies

When other people have the same ideas and act on them, it helps me clear my slate.

Help! I’m getting screwed on my own series

If this sounds like you, stop reading and start dialing. You need a better attorney, stat.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A shout out to a good show and their low budget ways.

J.J. Abrams got a $55+ million deal

I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Why I don’t have Google ads, part 432

The annoying disparity between google ads and the content they glom on to.

TV staffing season

Mysteries of the staffing process revealed.

The TV spec of the season

Writing the right show sample during each season’s important.

On accents

Notes for auditioning actors.

Organizing reality

In reality TV, editors and producers often perform functions that would normally be the purview of writers; the question is, why aren’t they being compensated for it?

Michelle Pfeiffer, Supervolcanoes and the Yellowstone Fallacy

Having happened in the past doesn’t signify future action.

Formatting a reality show proposal

Here’s how to present a reality TV show. Use it wisely.

New Fox show announced

Announcement for a FOX pilot in the works.

Very useful “Dead Zone” writer’s guides

Example of a show “bible.” Yours to mimic.

Researching and writing The Circle

Four questions related to the research, creation and execution of a TV series.

Page count for animation scripts

Does the page-a-minute rule apply across the board?

Television scripts vs. Screenplays

Learn and know the qualities of both. They’re not independent of each other.

Television specs

Good reasons why you shouldn’t write a sample of LOST if you want to work on LOST.

Television ideas

Can and unknown writer get a show produced?

Film vs. TV writers

On the structures and control limitations of each.