Kim Manners

Mourning one of TV’s great directors: Kim Manners.

Cablevision and the infinite TiVo

How technology could upend the economics of filmed entertainment.

How long should it take to write a script?

Knowing the answer is part of the craft, just like a cabinetmaker promising a delivery date.

Time jumps and oil drilling

Two unrelated questions answered. 1. Clarifying young and old versions of characters. 2. How much research to do before writing.

Writers need actors

The survival of dayplayers benefits us all.


My agent leaves me to head HBO. Yeah Sue!

Shot an indie pilot. What’s next?

How to expose, fund and distribute your pilot appropriately.

Test screening questionnaires

DIY audience screenings help your product and save you money. Here’s what to ask.

Short answer sprint

Nine second answers to nine burning questions. Ready…go!

Strike, day 29

The strike gives you time to write fantasy mash-up scripts, if only in your head.

The Office is closed

Video courtesy of THE OFFICE writers.

Heroes: Origins: Gone

The WGA strike kills a spin-off, and my episode with it.

Heroes: Origins

How I got the gig to write and direct an episode of the (now defunct) HEROES spin-off.

Her least favorite mistake

An episode of Grey’s Anatomy might have the same title as your spec. That’s not even close to being plagiarism.

Comments for Jane Espenson

A correction for Jane’s awesome website.

Trusting your audience

Kudos to the writers of HEROES for letting the audience connect the dots.

Lost Rooms and American Zombies

When other people have the same ideas and act on them, it helps me clear my slate.

Help! I’m getting screwed on my own series

If this sounds like you, stop reading and start dialing. You need a better attorney, stat.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A shout out to a good show and their low budget ways.

J.J. Abrams got a $55+ million deal

I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Why I don’t have Google ads, part 432

The annoying disparity between google ads and the content they glom on to.

TV staffing season

Mysteries of the staffing process revealed.

The TV spec of the season

Writing the right show sample during each season’s important.

On accents

Notes for auditioning actors.

Organizing reality

In reality TV, editors and producers often perform functions that would normally be the purview of writers; the question is, why aren’t they being compensated for it?