Is automatic (cont’d) a bug or a feature?

In some cases, you’ll absolutely want to use (cont’d) to indicate a character is still speaking. But it’s not always the right choice, which is why we don’t do it automatically in Highland.

Screenplays on the Kindle, 2015 edition

A screenwriter friend just emailed me to ask how she could get one of her scripts to look good on the Kindle. You can’t. It’s the wrong tool for the job.

Writer Emergency Pack, and the secret history thereof

After four years of discussion, three complete do-overs and two print runs, we finally launched Writer Emergency Pack. It’s a deck full of useful ideas to help get your story unstuck.

Highland is great for novels

Highland’s manuscript mode that strikes a good balance between helpful and distracting. It’s perfect for writing your NaNoWriMo novel — and it’s half-off through November 7th.

Highland works great with Yosemite

Highland runs great under Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite. In fact, we’ve been running Highland with the Yosemite betas for months, so the past few builds all run fine. Except for a few small UI changes (such as using the green dot to go full-screen), you won’t notice any significant differences.

Dressing like a screenwriter

We’ve re-opened the John August Store with new shirts for Scriptnotes and Highland, plus our first ever hoodie.

Secrets of Highland’s Dark Mode

Highland features a robust and customizable Dark Mode, which can come in handy.

Getting 2-Up preview in Highland

Over the weekend, we sold the most-ever copies of Highland, thanks largely to the Mac App Store’s “Explore Your Creativity” promotion. With new users come new questions to the support desk, including this one I’m surprised never came up before: Is there any way to see two pages side-by-side in the preview? There is! In […]

Highland and other screenwriting apps on sale

Apple asked Highland and several other screenwriting apps to be part of their Explore Your Creativity promotion on the Mac App Store. It’s a great time to check out these apps at discounted prices, and perhaps pick a new favorite.

Selling without selling out

In their first-ever live streaming episode, John and Craig open the mailbag to answer a bunch of listener questions.

Internationalizing Bronson

Bronson Watermarker PDF is our first effort at internationalizing an app. The process was mostly smooth, but not without some surprises.

Find and Replace, a screenwriter’s best friends

Many common formatting issues can be solved through the smart application of Find and Replace. Highland 1.7’s new skills make find-and-replace even more powerful.

Why do people buy apps some days and not others?

Every day, I check to see how many apps we sold the day before. Every day, I’m surprised. Week-to-week, we tend to sell about the same number of apps, but the variability day-to-day is higher than I would have expected, and doesn’t seem to follow obvious cycles.

Which apps are screenwriters using?

We had 57 entries for the Three Page Challenge we’re conducting on May 15th. I wondered which apps these screenwriters were using, so I checked the metadata for each file.1 App # of Entries % of Total Final Draft 8 18 32% (unclear)2 7 12% Fade In 7 12% Final Draft (Windows) 6 11% Slugline […]

Highland as a bona fide screenwriting app

Highland has become my go-to screenwriting app. Which is surprisingly, really, because it was never intended for writing.

Making the App Store better

David Smith has compiled a list of recommendations for making the App Store experience better, including a better way to handle refunds.

Highland 1.7: faster, leaner, smarter

Highland, our award-winning screenwriting app for the Mac, has a major update today. It’s available in the Mac App Store.

Fountain for coders, or the joy of writing

Charles Forman, whose company OMGPOP developed Draw Something, is writing a screenplay in Fountain, and developing new tools along the way.

The Deal with the Deal

John and Craig talk with WGA President Chris Keyser about the tentative deal reached between writers and the studios, and why it’s more groundbreaking than it might appear at first glance.

Highland 1.6 uses the force

Highland 1.6 features all the improvements to PDF-melting from Weekend Read, including better support for PDFs created with Fade In and Celtx.

Weekend Read gains new powers, new scripts

Weekend Read 1.0.2 greatly improves PDF reading and adds a lot of new content. The app is free in the App Store.

Weekend Read: Learning from Launch

The response to Weekend Read has been terrific, and we’ve already learned a lot.

Scanning scripts on your iPhone with Weekend Read + Prizmo

With two iPhone apps, you can go from a printed screenplay to one customized for your phone in Weekend Read.

Introducing Weekend Read

We have a new app. It’s called Weekend Read. It’s for reading scripts on your iPhone, and it’s free on the App Store right now.

Final Draft and WGA registration

On their website, Final Draft claims to be the preferred format for WGA registration. But that doesn’t gibe with the WGA’s own site.