Summer Sundance, part two

What exactly do you discuss at Sundance? They’re entering with completed scripts, which I assume are perfect to them at the beginning, so where to next? And if you participate in the Screenwriting Lab are you automatically given a Directors Lab spot, if that is what you so choose to do with your completed work? […]

Summer Sundance

I’m up at Sundance for the summer filmmakers’ lab, where I’ve worked as an advisor for the past seven years. For those unfamiliar with the labs, it’s a workshop in which newer filmmakers (generally writer-directors) meet with established screenwriters in one-on-one sessions to sort out issues in their scripts. There’s a winter lab, which occurs […]

The Nines gets all domestic

Ever since Sundance, when I announced that GreeneStreet scooped up international rights to The Nines, I’ve been faced with many questions. I knew the answer to the big one but couldn’t say. The answer to all the others depended on the first. So I’ve been sitting patiently, feigning detached acceptance, when I wanted to be […]

What is independent film?

Should the independently financed Star Wars prequels count?

MTV Overdrive on The Nines

Josh Horowitz from MTV News wrote in to point out that The Flash business wasn’t the only thing they ran from our Sundance interview. In fact, the full version, now up on MTV Overdrive, succeeds in making both Ryan and me sound coherent, which is no small feat. Here’s what you can’t see in the […]

Sundance, expanded edition

Throughout the week, I’ve been trying to convey the Sundance experience with the Twitter feed, but there’s only so much one can communicate in a sentence or two. So I thought I’d fatten out a few entries to give a better sense of how Sundance really went. Checking through the itineraries and packing lists. Do […]

About the live updates

If you’re reading this site via the RSS feeds, you may not be aware that the “real” site features a continuously updated list of what I’m doing at Sundance. Call it microblogging. It’s powered by Twitter, and doesn’t show up in the main feed. However, you can subscribe to the just the Twitters through the […]

Sundance panels

In addition to the screenings, I’ll be a panelist at two different events at the festival. HD House Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber and I will talk about the HD of it all, with clips from the movie. Monday, Jan. 22nd, at 7 p.m. Yarrow Theater 2 BMI Composer Roundtable Composer Alex Wurman and I will be […]

Sundance catalog is out

The catalog for this year’s Sundance Film Festival came this week, which was my first chance to see what everyone else’s first impression of The Nines would be. The festival organizers write the descriptions for the films, so you’re sort of at their mercy. Fortunately, John Cooper wrote up a very nice blurb for The […]

Seeing The Nines at Sundance

I’m not going to suggest that devoted readers fly thousands of miles to see The Nines at Sundance. But I’m not going to not suggest it. I’ve long been of the mindset that there’s no reason to go to Sundance unless you have a movie there. I haven’t been since Go debuted there in 1999. […]

I heart WriteRoom

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on the production notes for The Nines. The document will end up being about 20 pages, detailing the backstory of how the movie got made, from inspiration through editing, along with everyone’s bios. It’s part of the press kit for the film, helping the journalists at Sundance […]

The Nines screening schedule at Sundance

The good folks at Sundance just sent out the screening times and locations for The Nines. Their website doesn’t show the schedule yet, but I presume it will be up soon. Sun. Jan 21, 9:30 pm Eccles, Park City Mon. Jan 22, 8:30 am Prospector, Park City Tue. Jan 23, 9:00 pm Sundance Village Sun. […]

Why isn’t The Nines in competition at Sundance?

I was wondering if you could explain the difference/reason for competitive and non-competitive categories at Sundance and why you chose the latter? — Steve Lakeland, FL It’s the Festival’s call. They decide whether or not they want to show the movie, then which category they’re going to put it in. They don’t explain their logic, […]

The Movie is premiering at Sundance

After months of vague hints, I can finally reveal information about The Movie I wrote and directed this summer. It’s called The Nines.1 It stars Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis and Melissa McCarthy. It’s a drama. Funny in places, suspenseful in places, but basically a drama. It will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. This […]