Rethinking motivation

Try replacing the question of what the character wants/needs with, “Why is the character doing what he’s doing?”

Short answer sprint

Nine second answers to nine burning questions. Ready…go!

What does he want?

Often, the best answer is the simplest: something physical and achievable.

Script Cops

Video link.

The Hollywood Standard

All you need to know about formatting a screenplay, right here (for sale anyway). Second opinions included.

Is Scriptblaster worth trying?

Your money would be better spent elsewhere. Such as Vegas.

Professional Writing and the Rise of the Amateur

A lecture to Trinity University on authorship and authority in the internet age.

Write-up of my recent WGA Foundation Q&A

Corrections to notes on my Q&A at the WGA.

Stressing over structure

Stop thinking about structure as something you impose upon your story. It’s an inherent part of it, like the setup to a joke.

Backing up is hard to do

It’s the law of delayed consequences: people tend to put off work that doesn’t have immediate gratification.

The Get A Mentor program

Is your mentor program a tad shady?

Hiring a “script doctor”

If you really have limitations in a given area — dialogue, plotting, whatever — you need a writing partner, not a self-styled guru.

Writers Boot Camp

Workshops often bill themselves as helping writers avoid the painful mistakes, but sometimes what you really need are the painful mistakes.

Getting help as a deaf screenwriter

If you were hired to write a magazine article in French, you wouldn’t think twice about having a native speaker look over your work. That’s what you need.

Robert Mckee

Internalize what makes sense to you and chuck the rest. Anyone who tries to convince you that theirs is the One True Way is deluding themselves and you.

Screenwriting contests

A couple can be a boon to a young writer, others are in it for the cash.

Script promotion websites

A waste of time and money?

Paying for notes?

If you’re looking to strangers for notes, protect yourself and check them out first.

Writing a biography

Link to a template to write your baby-writer biography.