All of It Needs to Stop

John and Craig revisit the discussion of sexual harassment in Hollywood, and how to support writers facing it. While the media spotlight is on the predators, it’s the day-to-day bullying and bad behavior that may have a more pernicious effect. Then it’s another round of How Would This Be a Movie, looking at stories in […]

Reading scripts on the iPad

The iPad makes a terrific device for reading screenplays as .pdfs, particularly with third-party apps.

Pilot School

A site featuring tons of TV pilot scripts.

Kindle for iPhone

Long rumored, and now here. It’s free, and pretty darn good. The Whispersync feature suddenly makes a lot more sense. If you’re reading a book on your “real” Kindle at home, but find yourself with ten minutes to kill at the car wash, you can open the book to the exact same place on your […]

Vampires are the imaginary numbers of modern literature

You’ve never met an undead blood-sucker, and neither have I. Yet we can both agree on quite a few characteristics of these non-existent beings.