What do producers do?

Craig and John explain what producers do — at least, what they’re supposed to do — and discuss the myriad subclasses of producers that litter the opening titles of many movies.

Endless producer notes

How do you handle a producer who won’t stop giving notes?

When to talk about your idea

Lawrence Turman suggests asking random people for their opinions of your concept. Great idea for a producer, but potentially a bad idea for a screenwriter.

The One-Month Manager

What’s a reasonable amount of time to give your manager to read a draft of your script? It sometimes takes this screenwriter’s manager up to a month.

How many times can a meeting get pushed?

General meetings aside, how many pushes merits cause for concern regarding interest in you/your idea?

Should a screenwriter pay for notes?

If you can’t find that one smart reader amid your circle, it’s possible that you’d benefit from paying someone. I don’t have any names to recommend, but if I were in your place, I’d look for a few things.

The only one who has seen the movie

At a screenwriting panel last week, Robin Swicord said something that reframed the issue in a very helpful way.

Based on an idea by…

“Based on an idea by” is a rare credit, for good reason.

Sending out to multiple agents

Rifle or shotgun approach to getting an agent?

Making unnecessary and possibly horrible changes

Making your movie. Keeping your soul.

Is it risky to spec something in the public domain?

Not if it will get you read and your expectations are adjusted.

Should I worry about a competing project?

When to sell and when to hold.

Co-producer credit

How to get producer credit? Use leverage and do the work.

Surviving development hell

How to handle development meetings. Be open, learn and remember the changes are yours to implement.

Dead rapper’s mom is calling the shots

A good example of why producers matter.

Writer control

Selling people on your ideas is critical to keeping control of a movie from the beginning.

More on becoming a co-producer

How a writer can stay involved in a producing capacity once the script is written.