We’re voting yes. But.

In this special mini-episode, John and Craig talk through the upcoming WGA strike authorization vote — what it actually means, and why they’re both voting yes.

A Refugee Story

In this bonus mini-episode, John talks with Nima Yousefi, the wizard behind Highland and Weekend Read, about his experience as an Iranian refugee, and his fears for the future in light of the travel ban.

This Feeling Will End

In this Scriptnotes Extra, Craig and John discuss the melting dread they experienced this morning and hopefully offer some succor.

The Gold Standard

In this special mini-episode, Craig and John tackle the gold standard and why economists think it’s a flat-out terrible idea.

WGA membership approves credit proposals

The WGA announced this afternoon that all three proposed revisions to the Screen Credits Manual passed handily, ranging from 83 to 90 percent yes votes.

Stupid MySQL server. Be less crash-y.

And suddenly, we’re up. Honestly, we could have probably been up earlier if I hadn’t mucked around with some things. If the site goes down again over the weekend, don’t despair. Why not see WALL-E?

A look back at Go

This Distracted Globe has a new look back and review of my first movie, Go.

Me sick

Having a cold in the age of the internet gives you none of the TV-watching, bed-resting benefits. You’re typing and clicking just a little more slowly than usual.

Judging begins

I’ve closed comments on the Derivative Challenge to begin judging the 84 entries. Should have a winner this afternoon.

The Nines on iTunes

Just noticed that The Nines is now available for rental on iTunes.


My agent leaves me to head HBO. Yeah Sue!


I’m headed east for a very long weekend, so updates are unlikely until Thursday.

Condition: Marginal

Update: My cold is getting worse, so I’m going to sit out picketing this afternoon in hopes of rallying for another WGA commitment tonight.

Thursday picketing

I’ll be picketing at NBC this afternoon, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. I’m fighting a cold, so if I don’t shake your hand, please take no offense.

Picketing tomorrow

Picketing at Paramount has new hours, with three overlapping shifts: 7-10 a.m., 9-12 noon, 11-2 p.m. Members can see all the schedules here.


“Every now and then it’s nice to encounter a movie that just cracks open your skull and has rough intercourse with your brain.” — Jason Adams on The Nines, via JoBlo.

Charlie on ABC

In the U.S., ABC will be “network television premiering” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Saturday, Feb. 9th. Theatrical movies aren’t showing up on free television much anymore, but Charlie should work well. It falls into TV act breaks fairly naturally.


Tomorrow is a U.S. holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day), so there’s no picketing. Tuesday is a big event at Paramount. Details forthcoming.

Day 74, revised

I had to cancel my Arizona trip, so I’ll be doing van loading tonight, from 5-8 p.m. (Note that you have to be WGA to sign up, since it’s at the headquarters.)

I’m not there

I woke up with a cold, so I won’t be at Paramount this morning.

Early show

I’ll be continuing my early shift at Paramount (5:45 a.m. to 9 a.m.) today and tomorrow.

LA Times Dust-Up

The point-counterpoint debate going on over at makes for good reading, with Craig Mazin and Matt Edelman discussing the strike.

Indie Gate

Reminder: I’ll be at Paramount’s main gate for a gathering of indie film writers from 11-2 today.

Tuesday picketing

I’ll be back at Paramount’s Van Ness gate Tuesday morning, beginning at 5:30 a.m.

Tomorrow at WB

Reminder: I’ll be at Warner Bros. tomorrow (gates 2/3) from 8-11 a.m.