The Nines

Guest-blogging on

Because I’m just not busy enough, I’ve started guest-blogging on’s PopWatch blog, detailing some of the madness related to launching The Nines. You can read the first of these entries today. One observation so far: I’m snarkier on other people’s blogs than my own.

Three from The Nines

In preparation for the trailer competition, I wanted to see how footage from the movie would hold up when subjected to the Flash compression of YouTube and the other video-sharing sites. So I uploaded three clips in various formats to experiment. The results? Two clips look surprisingly great. The third looks like ass. The difference […]

The Nines goes to Venice

A reader alluded to it in the comments of an earlier post, but today we can officially announce that The Nines was chosen to play the Venice Film Festival as part of Critics’ Week. (At least, I assume we can announce it. We were sworn to double-super secrecy, which is presumably now over, since it […]

Changes while directing

When the shoot begins, the real world comes to play.

Trailer competition update

Thanks to many readers, I think there’s a pretty clear game plan emerging for how to do The Nines Trailer Challenge. Several people have offered specific help, both advice and hosting. Bless you. Your email addresses have been duly noted for future follow-up. Here are the questions I asked, and the answers I got. 1. […]

Calling on the hive mind

One advantage of having a brilliant and devoted readership like mine is that I can occasionally reverse the Q&A process and appeal for your insight. Here’s the situation… At Sundance, I talked about my plan-slash-pipe-dream of releasing the underlying footage of The Nines simultaneously to its DVD release. Essentially, you could load it into your […]

The Nines at Cannes

In case you’re wandering La Croisette, wondering where all the interlocking three-part dramas with unexpected science-fiction elements are, you might want to check out The Nines, which has three market screenings scheduled this week: Wednesday, May 16th at 12:00pm – Palais K (Market) Friday, May 18th at 8:00pm – Palais K (Market) Monday, May 21st […]

The Nines gets all domestic

Ever since Sundance, when I announced that GreeneStreet scooped up international rights to The Nines, I’ve been faced with many questions. I knew the answer to the big one but couldn’t say. The answer to all the others depended on the first. So I’ve been sitting patiently, feigning detached acceptance, when I wanted to be […]

Renumbering when moving a scene

It takes both a letter and an omit.

The Week in Review

It’s been a busy week, and the next few days promise to be equally action-packed. So I thought I’d do a quick recap before two weeks go by without any real updates. Boulder I gave a lecture on screenwriting at the Boulder International Film Festival. It’s always weird going back to your home town, and […]

GreeneStreet acquires The Nines

At the Berlin Film Festival this morning, GreeneStreet Films International announced that they’d picked up the movie for all markets outside North America. It’s news I’ve been sitting on since basically the day after the Sundance premiere. The company really dug the movie and were very aggressive about getting it, so I’m happy we’re finally […]

Music of The Nines

Alex Wurman, the composer for The Nines (as well as many other great scores, including March of the Penguins and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) has posted five tracks from the movie on his website. Of them, “Cold Turkey” is probably the most interesting without a visual to go with it. The “Knowing Theme” is […]

MTV Overdrive on The Nines

Josh Horowitz from MTV News wrote in to point out that The Flash business wasn’t the only thing they ran from our Sundance interview. In fact, the full version, now up on MTV Overdrive, succeeds in making both Ryan and me sound coherent, which is no small feat. Here’s what you can’t see in the […]

Sundance, expanded edition

Throughout the week, I’ve been trying to convey the Sundance experience with the Twitter feed, but there’s only so much one can communicate in a sentence or two. So I thought I’d fatten out a few entries to give a better sense of how Sundance really went. Checking through the itineraries and packing lists. Do […]

Best editors

In this morning’s Oscar nominations, I was delighted (but not surprised) to see Doug Crise and Stephen Mirrione nominated for Babel. Stephen Mirrione cut Go, and Doug Crise followed up his work on Babel with a little movie called The Nines. Huge congrats to both of them.

Some of The Nines

As promised, here’s your first look at The Nines, as scripted. The following represents roughly the first three pages of each section. Part One: The Prisoner A MAN’S HAND unwinds a short length of green string. We’re extremely close, with a shallow, blurry focus. It’s like the first moments after a dream -- just fragments. […]

The Nines, in script form

Since some most readers won’t be able to catch the premiere in Park City, I’ve decided to give you the literary equivalent by posting the script online. Not the whole script, mind you, but enough of it so that you’ll get a sense of what you’re not seeing. The script will be available on this […]

That’s one expensive paper clip

Sundance frowns upon selling festival tickets on Ebay. But looking through the ads, I’m heartened to find that most sellers are technically selling “Sundance guides.” And when you buy the guide, you get one free ticket! The best disclaimer, however, was this one: Note: These tickets are free with the purchase of the paper clip […]

Forums are fun!*

*Unless you have to moderate them. Over at Look For The Nines, the official-for-now site for The Nines, I set up a forum to handle discussion about the movie. I had deep ambivalence about doing this. Forums pre-date blogs, instant messaging, and even email as we understand it. Stretching back to their BBS roots, forums […]

Sell out

No, that’s not my advice to aspiring screenwriters. The Nines sold out its first three screenings at Sundance, including the 1300-seat premiere. As of this morning, the only tickets available are for the final screening on Sunday, January 28th at the Rose Wagner. Keep in mind, everything sells out at Sundance. That Ukrainian documentary about […]

MTV News on The Nines

As we get closer to Sundance, I promise not to besiege you with blurbs about The Movie–that’s what the other site is for. But here’s one. From MTV’s “Ten Most Anticipated” list: 6. “The Nines” Ryan Reynolds and Hope Davis star in this “Magnolia”-like drama, praised by some Hollywood insiders as the best script to […]

Sundance catalog is out

The catalog for this year’s Sundance Film Festival came this week, which was my first chance to see what everyone else’s first impression of The Nines would be. The festival organizers write the descriptions for the films, so you’re sort of at their mercy. Fortunately, John Cooper wrote up a very nice blurb for The […]

Seeing The Nines at Sundance

I’m not going to suggest that devoted readers fly thousands of miles to see The Nines at Sundance. But I’m not going to not suggest it. I’ve long been of the mindset that there’s no reason to go to Sundance unless you have a movie there. I haven’t been since Go debuted there in 1999. […]

I heart WriteRoom

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on the production notes for The Nines. The document will end up being about 20 pages, detailing the backstory of how the movie got made, from inspiration through editing, along with everyone’s bios. It’s part of the press kit for the film, helping the journalists at Sundance […]