Friend and occasional writing partner Jordan Mechner has been tinkering on a website for a few months, and is now ready to invite the world in. He has a lot to share about 20 years in the videogame industry, and the transition from designer to screenwriter.

Basically, my plan is to blog, post sketches, and answer questions people send in — most of which I expect will be about Prince of Persia.

Yes, he’ll actually talk about it. We’re both executive producers on the 2010 blockbuster, but he’s been vastly more involved over the past two years, visiting set in Morocco and generally keeping himself in the loop.

I’ll also continue to post blogs from the past via the “Old Journals” feature, telling the gritty, no-holds-barred, inside story of the first making of POP on the Apple II, 1985-1989. Not sure quite who will be interested in that one, but hopefully someone.

Not just that — Karateka. My brother and I spent a summer playing Karateka on the Atari 800.

So check out his site: