Prince of Persia videogame boxThis morning’s Variety has an article announcing PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME, a feature film I’m executive producing. It’s an adaptation of the bestselling videogame created by Jordan Mechner. The project is set up with Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney. Technically, the deal isn’t finished yet, but it’s close enough to being real that the trades picked it up.

Jordan and I have been working together for the past three months to come up with the movie’s storyline, and spent a week pitching it to various studios. What’s unusual about the deal — for me, at least — is that I won’t be writing the script. Rather, Jordan will write it, and I’ll be supervising, helping him out as much as possible. Jordan will be an executive producer, along with Chad Oman and Mike Stenson.

Like the videogame, the story is set at the edges of the Persian Empire during the 9th century. We follow an adventurous young prince — the black sheep of his family — who uncovers a dangerous artifact in a remote mountain kingdom. With the help of an enemy princess, he must stop a despot from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy all mankind.

Those who’ve played the videogame will recognize many elements, although the underlying plot of the movie is quite a bit different. Neither Jordan or I wanted to directly translate the game to screen, a la RESIDENT EVIL. Rather, the goal is to make something like PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, swashbuckling and exciting in an entirely new world.

I’ll add updates over the next few months.