Without Steve Jobs, we’d still have computers and mobile phones and other wonderful devices. But they’d be different.

In most cases, worse. But certainly different.

As I look around, most of the gizmos I use to do my work (and avoid my work) exist because of Steve Jobs. He didn’t design them or code them, but he willed them into being.

People talk about his reality distortion field, but I think they’re misapplying the term: his gravity bent the path of technology. He made his vision reality.

I never met him. But I’m deeply sad to lose him because we will collectively miss out on his next big ideas.

His death is like losing a great filmmaker. We celebrate the work he created, but regret what he didn’t get to finish. There will never be another One More Thing.

I think that’s what I’m feeling most: a sense that the future won’t be quite as amazing as it could have been.