Charlie TicketThis past weekend, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opened to strong reviews and a hefty $56.2 million at the box office. I’m happy, of course, but that good news was eclipsed by even better news: the birth of my daughter on Monday.

Her long-awaited arrival explains my lack of posting this past week, and the sporadic schedule for the next few weeks. As I start to figure out What I’ve Gotten Myself Into, I’m taking a month off from my real career (umm, screenwriting?) to focus on my new job, tackling life’s eternal questions:

  1. Was that a burp, or a grunt?
  2. How did poop get there?
  3. Whoosa good girl? Whoosa good girl?

I’ll still try to post as much as I can; babies do sleep, even if I don’t. But if the flow dwindles for the next little bit, please trust that I’ve not lost interest in the site. With a hungry mouth needing to be fed every three hours, the word count is bound to drop.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of stopping by: bring food.