#Trypod reviewsday

The goal of #trypod is to help people who’ve never listened to podcasts by literally taking their phones, installing a podcast app, and subscribing them to something they’ll like. Here are some good choices.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Trains, Images and Screenshots

Mini Metro, Acorn and Skitch are all terrific, and available on the Mac App Store.

It’s literally Mario and a clipboard

This week, I leave five-star review for Super Mario Run, Pastebot, and John McWhorter’s Words on the Move.

Tuesday Reviewsday: Pillars of Eternity

After a rocky start, I’ve found myself digging this surprisingly grim (and PG-13) RPG of soul harvesting and dead gods.

Tuesday Reviewsday, vol. 4

Today’s picks are two versions of the Bang! game and a great cookbook.

Tuesday Reviewsday, vol. 3

Today’s picks are the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, a good conditioner for butcher block, and a great podcast about Hollywood history.

Tuesday Reviewsday, vol. 2

This week: Noizio, Forbidden Island, Reply All and 2Do.

Tuesday Reviewsday

One of my goals for 2016 is to be better about writing reviews for the products I love. Every Tuesday I’ll be leaving reviews on the applicable store.