As announced today, we’re doing Big Fish as a Broadway musical, aiming for Spring 2012.

Susan Stroman is directing and choreographing. Andrew Lippa wrote music and lyrics. I wrote the book. Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen are producing.

It’s based on Daniel Wallace’s novel and my script for the 2003 film.

This isn’t one of those announcements where some people had lunch and said, “Hey, maybe let’s try to do a show.” It’s written. Two acts. Amazing songs. We’ve read it and sung it forty times for lots of different people.

Studious readers of the blog and my Twitter feed may have noticed I’ve been in New York City a lot. This is why.

I’ve had to pass on writing and directing jobs because I’m unavailable — but couldn’t explain why. This is why.

I’ve learned how to sing passably. This is why.

I’ll have much more to write about the show in the weeks and months (and hopefully years) ahead. Broadway is a completely different world than Hollywood, a parallel universe in which many things are better for writers — but also more complicated.

All the hard work getting the show to this point will no doubt be eclipsed by the hard work getting it to the stage. I know I’m lucky to be working with veterans.

I’ve approached this whole experience — a six-year journey — as a fascinated newcomer. I’m excited to share what I’m learning.