How long did it take to write GO? How long does it take to write a finished script? Do you work at an office day in, day out, or is it different?


GO took about two years to write, but it was an unusual case in that I wrote it as a short film, then let it sit around for a long time before I did the full version. My active work time on the script was probably about four months, which is not a bad estimate for most of the things I’ve worked on.

Some things have had to go faster out of necessity. I wrote the first draft of CHARLIE’S ANGELS in three weeks, because that was all the time I had available between commitments. (I later went back and did another two months of work on it, right before production.)

Currently, I work out of an office in my home. I have an assistant who works from 9 to 6, which is what I consider my "working" hours, but truthfully my life is more like college. Sometimes you can screw around during the day, and sometimes you have to pull all-nighters to get work done.