There’s now an official Scrippets plug-in for WordPress, available here.

It’s been working well in the test sites we’ve seeded it to, but if any issues come up in its wider release, plug-in creator Nima Yousefi will be able to send out one-click upgrades. 1 So if you’re running a WordPress blog, by all means check it out.

There’s also now an official site at, with forums for reporting bugs and tracking progress on other incarnations of Scrippets. Nima’s already whipped up a plug-in for bbPress, and Matt2000 has a version for Drupal in development. If you’re a coder with experience in one of the other blogging/forum platforms, consider this your call to adventure.2

This site uses a Live Comment Preview plug-in that has been hacked to approximate the final scrippet formatting. We’re checking with the original plug-in author to get his okay to distribute a scrippet-friendly version. A similar JavaScript-based solution may be the best option for sites like Blogger that don’t allow traditional plug-ins. Stay tuned.

  1. WP’s ability to keep plug-ins current is an underheralded godsend.
  2. You’ll definitely want to check out Nima’s scrippetize function, which does all the text transmogrifications through arcane-but-universal regular expressions.