I’ve had this site up and running for about four years,1 and in that time have answered approximately 300 questions from readers who wrote in, either to johnaugust.com or my column on imdb.

What I haven’t done is followed up with any of those questioners to see what they actually did with the information I offered.

In some cases, the answer I gave was simply The Answer — there wasn’t a next step or a decision lurking on the horizon. But many readers write in asking for advice about a specific situation, a career choice or judgment call. These are often my favorite questions to answer, but I have no idea whether my advice is being heeded, or if it’s even helpful.

That’s why for this week I’m urging anyone whose question I’ve answered to write back in and me know what you did, and what happened.

I’m thinking about the guy whose friend was directing a movie, and wondered what job he should beg for. The girl who couldn’t stop writing. Hell, Dracula’s son.

Even if I’ve just told you that the page 17 sex joke is a myth, I’m curious to hear what’s up with you.

How will I know if it’s the real person writing in? Well, in most cases I have the original email, or at least an IP address. But my curiosity far outweighs my suspicion. Let me know how it turned out.

  1. To bring back nostalgia for the Olde Days of HTML, you can check out [early versions](http://web.archive.org/web/*/https://johnaugust.com) of the site at archive.org.