I haven’t written at all about the upcoming election, for two main reasons. First, a sizable percentage of readers live outside the United States. Second, it’s none of my damn business who you want to vote for.

I have definite opinions about the candidates and issues, but this site is about writing and filmmaking. Most of the writing and filmmaking associated with this campaign season has been tedious, dishonest and unworthy of any discussion. But this MTV Choose or Lose spot that does well on both fronts. (Update March 2011: I can’t find a good link for this video anymore.)

It’s written by Taras Wayner and directed by Josh Miller. Whether or not you agree with its message, admire it for its simplicity. While it has really good production values, it’s basically something any reader could do at home with a DV camera. It gets its impact through good writing, straightforward direction and a solid performance.