Snake People

What free gets you on Kindle

Last week, I ran an experiment to see what would happen if I took one of my existing Kindle titles (Snake People) and made it free for three days. Here are the results.

Spelunking the Kindle market, cont’d.

Amazon’s new KDP Select program allows self-publishers to run free-book promotions. I’m running an experiment to see what that means for one of my older titles, Snake People.

Writing Faster

Michael Agger looks at scientific studies on writing to find reasons why it’s so damn hard, and slow.

The Variant and Snake People

If you got a Kindle or iPad for Christmas, I have two short stories you may want to check out. Each works as a nice palate-cleanser from too much holiday cheer.

Snake People for iPad

In a welcome change from the walled garden of the App Store, iBooks will happily show you any ePub file you throw it. Including last week’s short story, Snake People.

Snake People

I have a brand-new short story called Snake People. It’s available today, free. Snake People is a bit shorter than The Variant, and…well, kinkier. By movie terms, it would still be Rated R, but I feel some fair warning is called for. It’s both fleshy and scaly. The story is part of Popcorn Fiction, an […]