If you got a Kindle or iPad for Christmas, I have two short stories you may want to check out. Each works as a nice palate-cleanser from too much holiday cheer.

snake people coverbook cover

The Variant is a spy thriller with a strong dose of science fiction, in the vein of The Prisoner and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., or the short stories of Jorge Luis Borges.

Snake People is a tale of underage drinking and reptilian fertility set in the armpit of Florida.

Each is available for 99 cents on Amazon.

For the iPad, you have several choices of readers. The Kindle app for iPad is terrific. I prefer its font to any of the choices in iBooks.

But iBooks can handle ePub files without DRM, which is why I can simply invite you to download Snake People through a link. (This is link-handling feature is new for iOS 4.2, and extremely useful.)

If you got a Nook, they can handle ePub files as well. I had a chance to use my first Nook Color yesterday, and for its price, it seems really solid.

The Variant is also available as an ePub and pdf. Check out the details in the Variant page.