You came! We’re so excited.

As promised, this poll is only three questions long. But we’ve also enabled comments at the bottom of the page, so if you have more that you want to say, please do.

Why we’re asking: Some listeners have had serious headaches with billing for the premium feed (i.e. and the Scriptnotes app) and asked for alternative ways to both get all the back episodes and support the show.

We’re curious what listeners are using now, what they’d like, and how we could do this all better.

How do you listen to Scriptnotes? (choose as many as apply)
Do you subscribe to the premium feed (which costs $2/month)?
If we made more Scriptnotes USB drives with all 250 regular episodes, transcripts and bonus episodes, would you buy one for $20?

One last thing: We currently have no way of contacting our listeners to let them know about live shows, schedule changes and special events. Which seems kinda dumb.

So we’re putting together a mailing list. Totally optional, and we promise we won’t spam you or sell you out to our good friends at Final Draft.

Comments are enabled below if you’d like to offer any feedback or ideas. We’re trying to find the best ways to support our listeners and keep our awesome team (Stuart and Matthew) paid. Feel free to include links to other services or podcasts you think are doing it well.


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