Every podcast needs a t-shirt. Here at Scriptnotes, we take our t-shirts very seriously.

Many podcasts farm out the job to a big t-shirt fulfillment site. And that’s fine. But it’s not the Scriptnotes way.

We sell our shirts only through our store. Right here. Ninety-five percent of our shirts are sold in the pre-order. We print a few extras in case of lost shipments — but only in the most common sizes.

We print each shirt design only once. If you own the 2013 shirt in Umbrage Orange, congratulations. No one else will ever be able to buy one, because we’ll never print them again.

We print locally at the same shop we’ve used for years. Our designers consult with them frequently to make sure every line is crisp.

We inspect and hand-fold every shirt. That might sound like a hard job, but our t-shirts are so soft that folding them is like strumming a cloud.

We bag and label every order ourselves on the same table where we recorded many of our best episodes, including the live 200th show, the one with Malcolm Spellman, and even the notorious Final Draft episode.

Suffice to say we’re proud of our t-shirts. The 2015 editions are the best shirts we’ve ever made.

They’re available for pre-order through Thursday, September 17th. If you miss out, there’s a good chance you’ll never be able to get one.

The new shirts come in three designs.

Classic Scriptnotes

We always offer a variation on our typewriter logo. Last year’s Tour Shirt pushed it to the extreme, with the machine on fire.

For this year’s logo shirt, we went back to the classic icon, keeping the halftone effect while simplifying the background. A simple circle frames the typewriter.

purple logo detail

This year’s Classic shirt comes in vintage purple. Neither matchy-matchy nor wildly contrasting, it’s easy to pair with almost anything. You may not own any purple shirts. Wearing this, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been wearing purple all along.

purple logo shirt

The Classic shirt is printed on our favorite Next-Level tri-blend, the same one we used for the Tour shirt. As always, it’s available in women’s and unisex sizing.

Three-Act Structure

For the first time, we invited listeners to design their dream Scripnotes shirt. Taino Soba rose the challenge with an idea we call Three Act Structure.


t-shirt detail

Like the Classic shirt, Three Act Structure is printed on our favorite tri-blend. It’s available in women’s and unisex sizing.

Camp Scriptnotes

In-house artist Dustin Bocks mixed up a strong cocktail of sunscreen, bug juice and nostalgia to design our Camp Scriptnotes shirt.


We loved the design so much that we’re offering it in two colors: navy and green.

navy shirt

green shirt

These ringer shirts are available in unisex sizes. The navy shirt is available down to size XXS for smaller campers.

Check out all of our shirts in the Store, and be sure to pre-order by Thursday, September 17th. All shirts will ship in mid-October, in time for the Austin Film Festival.

Since the beginning, Scriptnotes has been listener-supported. We don’t have ads; we have t-shirts. Buying and wearing these shirts is a way of showing your appreciation. (And looking damn good.)