Several readers who couldn’t make it to the One Too Many Mornings screening on Tuesday night asked whether there might be video from the Q&A I hosted afterwards. Thanks to the OTMM crew, there is:

  • Part One (8:45) talks about the genesis of the movie, from script through Sundance.

  • Part Two (9:57) looks at how they’re trying to get the movie out in the world, from direct downloads to DVDs to college screenings around the country.

Although the discussion in general will make sense to anyone interested in making indies, some of the specific details on OTMM will make more sense if you watch the movie.

In the rooftop party after the screening, several people asked about my interest in tiny movies — most of the projects I work on have a lot more commas and zeros in the price tag. To me, it’s an experiment in disintermediation, just like The Variant was.

What happens when you take out the typical distributor? What do you gain? What do you lose?

I’m toying with the idea of doing The Remnants as an itty-bitty feature, but would only do it if I could get it out in the world in a way that made sense creatively and financially. So I’m watching things like OTMM closely. I’m happy to be a trailblazer, but would love to know what cliffs and monsters lie along that path.