Big Fish

Big Fish trailer up at Yahoo! Movies

Daniel Wallace just tipped me off that the Big Fish trailer is now available on Yahoo! Movies. You can find it, and a lot of photos from the production, here. For right now, it’s only available in Real Player and Windows Media Player formats, but Sony is good about getting Quicktime trailers up, so I’ll […]

Big Fish on Entertainment Tonight

On Monday, October 6th, there is supposed to be a segment on Entertainment Tonight about BIG FISH, including the first look at the trailer. In all likelihood, it will be little chunks of the trailer with Bob Goen (or whoever the host is these days) talking over it. But hey, footage is footage.

Big Fish trailer to debut on Wednesday

The theatrical trailer for BIG FISH is finally done, and should be available starting Wednesday. You can expect to see it attached to movies beginning Friday, October 10th.

New Big Fish image from Yahoo! movies

Yahoo! Movies has a posted a few new photos from Big Fish, including this shot that opens the trailer. The trailer, by the way, is nearly finished. I’d hope to see it attached to movies within the next few weeks.

New Steve Buscemi photo from Big Fish

The print edition of today’s Variety has a story on Steve Buscemi and the IFP Gotham awards. Along with the article is a new photo from BIG FISH, showing Buscemi as Norther Winslow, the greatest poet of both Ashton and Spectre, who later became a robber and tycoon.

Big Fish release date now December 10th

After absolutely, positively deciding on December 18th as the opening date for Big Fish, Columbia is now apparently moving the release date up more than a week to Wednesday, December 10th. The same release pattern still holds: the movie will start out only in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto, before expanding into more cities […]

Daniel Wallace website now open

Daniel Wallace, author of the novel Big Fish, has opened his own website with information about his books, illustrations and screenplays. It’s great. In fact, it has me sick with envy. Daniel even has links through which you can buy his books from Amazon — which you should, because that way he’ll get an extra […]

New Big Fish paperback

Penguin is issuing a special paperback version of Daniel Wallace’s “Big Fish” with the new cover artwork. (You can see the bigger version of it here.) The cover is essentially the same as the upcoming one-sheet poster.