You came! We’re so excited.

As promised, this poll is only three questions long. But we’ve also enabled comments at the bottom of the page, so if you have more that you want to say, please do.

Why we’re asking: Some listeners have had serious headaches with billing for the premium feed (i.e. and the Scriptnotes app) and asked for alternative ways to both get all the back episodes and support the show.

We’re curious what listeners are using now, what they’d like, and how we could do this all better.

How do you listen to Scriptnotes? (choose as many as apply)
Do you subscribe to the premium feed (which costs $2/month)?
If we made more Scriptnotes USB drives with all 250 regular episodes, transcripts and bonus episodes, would you buy one for $20?

One last thing: We currently have no way of contacting our listeners to let them know about live shows, schedule changes and special events. Which seems kinda dumb.

So we’re putting together a mailing list. Totally optional, and we promise we won’t spam you or sell you out to our good friends at Final Draft.

Comments are enabled below if you’d like to offer any feedback or ideas. We’re trying to find the best ways to support our listeners and keep our awesome team (Stuart and Matthew) paid. Feel free to include links to other services or podcasts you think are doing it well.



  1. Sharkey

    Open source transcribing?

    I’d be happy to transcribe a 5 minute portion of the podcast every week. Get enough of us volunteering and that’s the whole thing transcribed for free.

    I have no idea if that would be helpful or not?

    Cheers Sharkey

  2. James Madara

    John, Just a quick note. The reason I haven’t subscribed to the premium feed is I bought the USB of the first 100 episodes. I almost paid again when you offered the 200 episode USB, but chose not to buy a second USB. I’m not sure what the best method is going forward. I do like buying shirts and other items to support the show. -James

  3. Sam Fuller

    I don’t subscribe to the premium feed because I’ve been listening since the beginning, and rarely feel the need to listen to an episode again (especially because I can search the transcripts).

    Then again, I’d be happy to donate to the show, because I feel indebted to the Scriptnotes team for the wealth of information you’ve generously provided.

    Perhaps in addition to the premium feed there could be an option to simply donate or become a patron of the show, similar to how Marco Arment’s Overcast app accepts patrons, without getting anything in return.

    Why? I think there’s a psychological reason I don’t “donate” via the premium feed, because I don’t need the perks, but I’d be perfectly willing to donate for the sake of a plain and simple “thank you.”

    Perhaps this is a redundant idea, but there might be something to it.

  4. Steven

    John and Craig bring enormous value to listeners and the entire Scriptnotes team should be rewarded for their work. It would not be unbecoming to promote a “Virtual Tip Jar” at the end of every episode along with the plug for iTunes ratings.

    I’m still considering the premium feed but the podcast app on my iPhone is easy. I’d rather pay twice (or even three times) as much for all the episodes on a USB drive, every 50 or 100 episodes. (My iPhone doesn’t have room to save them all.)

    Instead of ads which most podcast listeners will fwd through, consider doing PBS drives for donations two months out of the year. I’m sure it’s a drag so instead of haggling listeners for money have 30 second spots from Aline, Malcolm and others guests as well as longtime listeners. You have lots of fans who are working writers and at least one Nicholls fellow who attended “Scriptnotes university.” Every fan of your show can offer an honest testimony so you won’t have to. It’s always more convincing coming from others too.

    Keep up the incredible work, guys!

  5. Dan

    Hey Guys,

    I’ve been listening to your show for some time now. Thank you!

    I understand you guys frequently do 3 page challenges that give the up-and-coming writer a chance to receive critiques and advice. You also take q & a from these same writers. I think it would be amazing if you were to have one of these up-and-coming writers on your show! Maybe even more often than not. Just like you would have a working screenwriter on your show, I would love to hear from a writer in the same boat as me. Someone who works 9-5 in retail/waiter, writes at night, and fine tuning his discipline and methods. I would love to hear a conversation between you guys and and these kinds of individuals, just as much as I look forward to your discussions with currently working screenwriters.

    Best, Danny

  6. Rodrigo Hermann

    Congrats on the show, I follow you guys since before a hundred and it is always great. I’m no screenwriter so things that interest me the most are when you dive deep into a movie, 3 page challenges, talk about tone, character development, themes, etc. When it comes to the business side of things like guild and elections I usually spaced out.

    Also, if sues are “stupid” and never go anywhere, why spend time with them? Your weekly hour is precious, make the most of it.

    Thanks and kudos for the great show!

  7. RS

    The current billing for premium is only per month. I don’t want to leave my credit-card details on some server for a year or more, just for a US$2 per month billing.

    Offer a one-time yearly payment and I’ll do it.

  8. Mark Hammer

    Is there a way to just sell the special episodes for a dollar each? Or a digital bundle of just the special episodes for a one time fee? I don’t like automatic subscriptions because I have so many streaming ones and I worry about losing track of them.

  9. Joe

    Love the show! I’ve been listening nearly since the beginning. It’s my favorite thing about Tuesdays (not that there’s a lot to like about Tuesdays in general). I happen to love the Scriptnotes app. I listen to old episodes all the time and decided to listen to the new episodes there as well despite still using the podcast app for the other shows I listen to. I’ve had no issue at all with payment for the premium feed. I hope this doesn’t go away because I’m really happy with it. I’ve probably listened to the Raiders episode like for or five times.

    Keep up the good work! I hope this was helpful.

  10. Steve

    As a casual listener, once I am eventually caught up to date, I would consider subscribing to listen to the back catalogue.

  11. Thomas

    Voted nope on that last question, but I would consider getting the USB drive if I couldn’t find the transcripts online.

  12. Steve

    As a casual listener, once I have eventually caught up to date, I would consider subscribing to listen to the back catalogue. Great show!

  13. Alejandro

    I answered I wouldn’t buy a USB drive, but that’s just because I live halfway around the world. I probably would if I lived in th US. I don’t know if you ship internationally or not, but I wouldn’t pay for shipping and I’ve had stuff lost in the mail before, so it’s just not practical for me.

  14. Ben Goddard

    Hi Guys!

    I like my coffee how I like my screenwriting podcasts: focused on the writing and storytelling. Wait, what?

    But for realsies: I love the show. I’d like to hear more episodes — okay, I’ll be honest … ALL episodes — to be focused on The Craft™. I love when you talk about methods of approaching a type of scene, how to handle specific events with characters on the page, and recommended script reading for genres or styles.

    Also, I’d totally dig a behind-the-scenes on the story of Highland. I’m a beta tester for Highland 2 (loving it) and a part time coder (Bash, mostly) … plus I love hearing how these things come together.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  15. Paul Niven

    Really love the feature on “how would this be a movie?” Recommend making that a regular part of the show (every third or fourth episode?).

    Also enjoy the three page challenges. Your deep knowledge of structure and story come out in the analysis and I find that extremely helpful in my own writing.

    I do recommend you write a book – your insights are outstanding!

  16. Helper Dude

    Page loads but the form doesn’t work on Safari for mac or iOS. Web inspector show syntax error line 68 in file admin-ajax.php: unexpected token/invalid regular expression.

  17. Shannon

    I find your podcast to be refreshingly intelligent. Look forward to spending an hour with you guys every Tuesday. I love the three page challenge and the episodes about craft. Thank you for doing this. Great work guys.

  18. Andy

    Great show. I like the variety; sometimes you have three-page challenges; sometimes listener questions; sometimes a wild card. I wouldn’t change anything … but I do like the episodes where you talk to a guest. It always adds a third perspective to whatever you’re discussing.

  19. Ken

    Something messed up so I couldn’t see what options were available for any question (thanks a lot Stuart) so I had to make up my own

    How do you listen to Scriptnotes? (choose as many as apply) – On my bike (with classic ipod) – At my computer at “work” (via blog) – Have 2 friends who worship me read transcripts aloud while I close my eyes and think

    Do you subscribe to the premium feed (which costs $2/month)? – No, because the exchange rate is just so awful right now (thanks Stuart)

    If we made more Scriptnotes USB drives with all 250 regular episodes, transcripts and bonus episodes, would you buy one for $20? – No because I already have one with 200 on them

    Do you think listeners should contribute ideas/segments for the show?

    • Yes, that’s a great idea.

    Keep it ALL up. If the listeners are anything like me, you guys feel like a couple of real-life friends with ever-ready shoulders for us to lean on…even if you only exist in our ears.

  20. John Miller

    The survey isn’t working on my Mac laptop so I took it on my iPhone. I’m waiting for 300 episodes before I buy the USB for $20.

  21. Timothy

    I had some problems seeing the poll answers on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer on my Windows 10 machine. Once I signed up for the mailing list, the answer buttons appeared. Excellent, marketing “strategery”.

  22. Nancy Tomasheski

    Would only not buy the USB drive because I already have all the episodes, including the first USB drive (150 eps). I think it’s a great option though and should be made available.

  23. Dave

    I download mp3s from, but pay 1.99/month to relieve guilt. Never had a billing issue. Have you heard Karina Longworth do ads on You Must Remember This? Very classy.

  24. Anonymous

    The Three Page Challenge is a great way to teach craft–it’s Scriptnotes’ version of the case method! Please have TPCs on a more regular basis.

    Thanks for all you do.

  25. JT Butler

    If only the podcast could have found me sooner, the marriage, the children, working at a paying job – jeez, it all could have been avoided…

  26. Christy

    First of all, I’m a non-screenwriter. I’m an actress and I love learning as much as possible about every aspect of film/tv. I have to say that this is my favorite podcast, of all time, and I listen to a LOT of podcasts. I don’t have a computer, which I imagine most screen writers do, so usb is no good for me. I also only have an iPhone and tried to subscribe to the past episodes with the script notes app and couldn’t figure it out at all. I’m not very technologically savvy. I would really love to have a way to listen to back episodes. Could they be uploaded to Vimeo? Maybe sell the password for a fee?

  27. Conor

    Big fan of the podcast for a long time now. I usually download episodes (as mp3) directly from and listen to them later on an old Sandisk player.

    I have the 200 episode USB drive, so I probably won’t buy another one for just 50 extra episodes, especially since I DL episodes directly each week anyway. Transcripts and bonus episodes are great, but I’ll probably wait until the 300 mark before dropping another $20 on a drive.

    Here’s an idea: you have quite a library of content now that could be repackaged into special episodes or collections that we might be willing to buy. For instance, a Three-page Challenge collection, maybe curated to illustrate different issues, or just the complete set. I’d pay $4.99 for that.

    Clip shows on specific topics could also be cool. Like an episode with all your best stuff on rewriting, or agents, or women’s reproductive health. You’ve got a lot of guest interviews as well. I can imagine people paying $1 or $2 for best-of episodes on topics they’re really into.

    Speaking of rewriting, has any Three-page Challenger ever taken your feedback and resubmitted their revised three pages? That would be cool to see. I guess I’ll have to sift through the back episodes and see if it’s been done before. Keep up the great work!

  28. Steven

    I would recommend selling the USB drives with 100 episodes increments (1-100, 101-200…) that way listeners aren’t always getting duplicate episodes with each new flash drive. I don’t know how feasible this would be with mass production but I would be more inclined to buy the USB in the future. And thanks for everything you guys do! It’s such a joy to hear your voices every Tuesday.

  29. Craig McDiarmid

    Likewise I’ve been listening since nearly the start.

    I just recently signed up for premium and haven’t had any issues so far. It would be good if bonus episodes could be filtered in the app though.

    I bought the first 100 USB but don’t really see a reason to get it again, especially with the premium feed.

    The problem with the USB is that I now have all these files on my computer that I need to transfer to my phone should I want to listen. The app works better in that I can just stream it whenever and wherever I want.

  30. TK

    I use the podcast app on my phone for latest episodes but I have to use the scriptnotes app for the back episodes. Honestly I find the scriptnotes app really unattractive and I don’t like using it but it does all it needs to do. I’m not likely to buy a USB because not only am I shallow, I’m lazy. I’ve had no issues with the subscription payments. I would keep my subscription even if I bought a USB. Great podcast.

  31. David

    I answered “no” to your third question, but only because I already bought the USB drive with the first 200 episodes. So I would buy another one at, say, episode 300. I do want to support the show in some monetary way.

    Keep up the great work!

  32. Jason Reed

    I love the USBs so I can load up my iPod and listen while I ride to work. However, it was a little frustrating to have purchased the first 100 shows, only to then be able to buy the first 200, now 250 for the same price. It makes me more inclined to wait until maybe 300 episodes to purchase one. Will there be a cut off point?

    I’m also a premium subscriber so I can access all of the bonus episodes. I don’t have any issues with the app or payment, but I do prefer listening through the podcasts app in my phone.

    Love the show and think you both provide an invaluable & entertaining service.

  33. Brynnwood

    I have devoured almost all of the episodes on the Scriptnotes app! I’m really glad to have that option. Unfortunately, I like to listen at home as well as on my phone. The Libsyn interface is very unwieldy on the computer. Because it requires you to log in over and over again, for instance after you’ve paused playback for a few minutes, it’s very hard to keep your place not only within an episode but within the list of episodes. A drive would be a great way to avoid this and to search the episodes with specific topics in mind.

  34. Rob Greenspan

    Hello John, Craig, Stuart and Matthew!

    I love the podcast and have learned so much that helps me as a screenwriting student! Thanks for putting the time and effort in to produce the show each week. I subscribe and have no complaints paying through Libsyn, but also wouldn’t mind a 1 time $20, or so. I would buy a USB for easy access and to share with friends, but would like to make sure I get access to future premium episodes too. One thing about the app and site – it takes a while to scroll to the bottom if I want to go back to an early episode. Also, there’s not a quick way to identify just the premium epps.

    Those complaints are very small in comparison to all the great info and humor in each show. I love all the discussions with other writers as well as the three page challenges and Craig’s umbrage.


  35. Larry

    I have been a subscriber off and on several times. Currently I am a subscriber. Since I first subscribed, the only reason I have been an intermittent subscriber is that intermittently there have been annoying billing problems that automatically terminated my subscription. I wish there were a way to pay once annually to subscribe rather than once monthly.

  36. Ralph

    I’ve read some of Mr. August’s work and now I’d really, really, really, REALLY like to read some of Mr. Mazin’s work. Pretty please?

  37. BD

    Used to have premium, had plethora of problems with credit cards payments and passwords, premium no more.

  38. Keith

    Love the show and find it pretty easy to download and listen in the couple of ways that I do – ie download from or through iTunes. My only issue is not knowing when there is new content in the premium feed, since I don’t listen through the app. I usually only know when John mentions something on the show or I remember to look at

    Not sure if I’m missing an easy and more obvious way to keep track of premium content.

    But the show itself is great and I’m learning a lot.

  39. Liz Holliday

    I’ve also been listening just about forever (on Up till some point last year, I hadn’t missed an episode. Then I missed quite a few, so I subscribed to the premium feed to catch up… which I then didn’t have time to do. But I will!

    I seem to remember that the thing that put me off buying the USB drive was the cost of shipping to the UK, especially when compared to the cost of shipping the tee-shirts or the Writers’ Emergency Pack (hope I’ve remembered the name of that correctly!) both of which I have.

  40. Allison Moon

    I purchased the USB last go-round with the 200 episodes, because I just discovered the podcast last summer. I loved being able to mainline them regardless of my proximity to iTunes (I have an Android). That’s the only reason I wouldn’t buy the new USB.

    I’d be open to subscribing once I’ve caught up, but I’m not likely to buy a new USB. I would, however, buy episode downloads in chunks of 100 or 50, plus bonuses etc for a one-time fee each time.

  41. George Krompacky

    I am a subscriber to the premium feed but I’ve finally caught up and listened to all the shows. Right now, I don’t think there are enough added extras to keep me subscribing, so I’ll probably discontinue. That said, once I unsubscribe, I’d probably be interested in the thumb drive archive, so I could relisten if I chose to.

  42. John Hex Carter

    Piggybacking on some suggestions already listed, if you’re looking to monetize more, you could look into Patreon ( for those of us that support the podcast but have no real need/desire to look at the back catalog.

  43. William McLaren

    Making a package of all the special episodes would be great. Comedy Bang Bang do the same thing. Or just make a the USB back-catalogue available digitally. I’d pay $20 for the ability to download all the files.

  44. Anonymous

    Keep on keepin’ on.

    Loving it… The best part about Wednesdays is listening to this on the way home from work.

    I am a one-time payment kinda guy. I don’t love the subscription model. If the Scriptnotes app was like $20-$50 for all the back catalogue I would be all-in.

    Listening from Sydney Australia (stray-ya)

  45. John

    I love your podcast and listen to new episodes plus a couple back episodes every week. Even after I’m caught up I’ll still subscribe because you and Craig are such a great source of advice and information.

  46. Paul Rose Jr

    Haven’t signed up, yet. That should have also been an option. I intend to, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Not going to buy the USB cause I already bought one and don’t need a second. I wonder if you guys should/would consider selling some of the USB’s through the Writer’s Store in Burbank. I know they’re huge Final Draft supporters, but that would give LA locals a place to stop by and pick it up instead of paying $6 for shipping across town. Just a thought.

  47. Josh

    Assemble the three page challenges in a convenient package: transcript portions, audio, and of course the three pages. Sell this as an additional USB drive, or if you’re ambitious assemble it into an ebook.

  48. Robert Dorn

    Never felt the need for the USB thing, as I’ve had no trouble keeping up via the iTunes subscription. I’ve bought a couple of t-shirts and would gladly buy more.

  49. Sunfish

    I REALLY appreciate that you don’t have ads: thank you for that and I hope you’re able to keep it up!

    I am totally into the idea of supporting you by buying a t-shirt but to be honest I just didn’t like the color choices last time… so next time I might buy one!

    Also you might consider adding a “tip jar” to the website so people can donate any amount they want to after listening to a podcast, reading the transcript, or downloading the three-page challenges (The Toast does this: I’m not sure how much revenue it generates but it seems like a good idea).

  50. Marcus Enochsson

    Swedish fan here! The idea of paying once a year, and then getting access to back- and bonus episodes is something I would definitely do, rather than a monthly subscription. I prefer one-time payments. Anyway, I want to support the podcast!

  51. Matt

    I’ve been a huge fan of the show since it began, but… lately I haven’t been able to listen to a single full episode simply because Craig has become so goddamn obnoxious. I can’t even make it through the opening monologue anymore. I know that at this point he’s pretty much just playing the “character” of “obnoxious Craig” but sincerely I wish something could be done about this. Not holding my breath…

  52. BB

    I am a longtime subscriber of the premium feed and would be super bummed if it was no longer an option.

    I listen to scriptnotes everyday on my commute and the premium feed allows me a convenient way to listen through the back catalogue, while staying up to date with the current episodes.

    I realize, at this point, it would be cheaper for me to buy the usb drive containing the first 250 episodes, but I am perfectly happy paying the $2 a month out of convenience and in support of the show.

  53. Joseph Zitt

    I like Allison’s idea of the download chunks. I would find them more valuable than the USB drive, since I easily misplace small physical objects. But I love the premium feed as it now is (except for the cranky app itself), and caught up on the entire series after coming in at about episode 150 and doubling back.

  54. Aleisha

    I recently bought the 200 episode USB drive, so I wouldn’t be interested in re-buying those first 200 episodes, but if they were released in volumes I’d be interested in buying eps. 201-300 someday.

  55. Aaron

    Re: premium feed, I answered that I don’t subscribe but I did. I only canceled (recently) because my family’s financial situation has become so tight right now that every $1.99 counts. I’m not complaining about the price — it’s fair and under $25/year is a great value. That said, the app — while having gotten somewhat better over time — is pretty horrible, and I don’t enjoy using it, but that is the way I listened to old episodes the most. I also agree (as someone else mentioned earlier) that an annual subscription method would be preferable to the monthly charge, especially at a slight discount, but even if it’s was just the same $23.88. (I assume that’s more a LibSyn decision than yours?) The main things I miss from not subscribing are the bonus episodes, and I do plan to resubscribe, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.

    I’d also love to hear more three page challenges as well as the occasional (maybe once or twice a year?) look at a full script (and chat with the screenwriter) that started as a three-page-challenge, like you did some months back. I know that’s a lot more work for you two so it couldn’t be a frequent feature, but it was great to actually see where those three pages went and to hear your reactions/feedback to it.

    Love the podcast overall. It’s one of a few that I listen to weekly, without fail, if at all possible on the Tuesday you release it.

  56. Chris

    I’d totally be open to donating to the show since I’ve gained so much from it over the years.

    Also, it might be a good idea to suggest that people buy the drive with the episodes as a gift for anyone considering dropping thousands of dollars on a graduate degree in screenwriting. The drive is a way cheaper option and they’ll probably get more out of it.

    Thanks for everything, John and Craig!

  57. Jake

    I’ve been a premium subscriber for awhile and I haven’t had much trouble with the app. It functions fine and is well worth the $1.99 a month. Even when the app does mess up, all it takes is to delete the episode experiencing the problem and re-download it. That’s the only trouble I’ve ever had and it’s fixed with an IT Crowd-style turn it off and on again quick fix. It works fine.

    Thanks for all the great writing advice and hilarious asides.

  58. Peter Spencer

    The reason I would not buy the USB is that I have been with the show from the beginning. If I were a new listener I think I would buy it. I am more likely to buy merchandise – I’ve bought mugs before for example (Filmspotting) and I have donated to a number of podcasts because I do believe in giving something in return. I do have certain favourite episodes I return to.

  59. Lawrence

    I’ve listened to the podcast from the beginning and truth be told I probably re-listen to an episode at least 4 out of the 7 days in a week. And usually I listen to multiple episodes for up to 3-4 hours in any given day depending on what I’m doing. Love you guys great podcast

  60. Agnes

    Fiction writer here. I am a loyal premium subscriber; Scriptnotes is the only podcast for me.

    In theory, the USB drive is brilliant. In practice, it would not work for me. I would either a) immediately lose it or b) never get my act together to transfer it to a device where I could actually access it.

    Then I would be irrationally angry at you guys.

    I like the app, because it goes where I go, so if I’m stuck somewhere stupid — like I was this past Saturday at the ER, getting stitches — I can listen to the soothing stylings of John & Craig.

    Also, thank you for all you do.

  61. Laddie Ervin

    I subscribe not just to get access to the back catalog and the special episodes, but to support your the podcast financially. I purchased the last USB stick for the same reason. If you set up a tip jar, I’d use that too. I’m not awash in cash but I do greatly value your efforts and information and It makes me happy when I contribute to the cause.

  62. Erika

    I’m a premium subscriber. I’ve been listening since the beginning of the show, but it’s been great when I’ve missed a few episodes, and some of the bonus episodes and interviews have been truly amazing.

    I would be very, VERY bummed if you started running pre-recorded ads within the podcast. I listen to a few things on Gimlet and Earwolf and I think they do a decent job with the style/content of their ads, but they’re still extremely annoying, mostly because every single podcast has the same ones (seriously, how many Squarespace ads can one human being listen to in her lifetime??!).

    If you are forced to introduce ads, I would hope that premium subscribers would not be subjected to them. I would happily continue to pay for my subscription forever if it meant no ads.

    Maybe if you advertised products during “One Cool Thing,” as long as you announced that it’s a sponsor, and they were things you guys truly think are cool, that would be a happy sponsorship compromise.

  63. T.

    I love this podcast. I don’t buy a lot online because I’m paranoid. But I do buy from iTunes, and would be most inclined to pay for or donate to the podcast through them. Like some others, I don’t need the merch. so much, because I listen to all the podcasts, but I would feel good about donating or buying a subscription.

  64. Rick Moncauskas

    I bought your 200 episode thumb drive. So, I’m slightly reluctant to buy the 250 one. I listen to your podcasts on my phone with “podcatcher”. Android phone. I really enjoy what you guys discuss. Thanks for doing the podcast.

  65. Private

    Please just seed all the episodes as a torrent. That is the best way to deliver back catalog content. Just like Linux distros and LibreOffice etc. Torrents aren’t piracy. You have the content. You want to give it away and help people. Seed the torrents.

  66. mary craven

    (1) I am in favor of an option where once a year, or periodically, where listeners can just click a button and donate an amount to the podcast. so quick, so easy, so worth it. (2) I also think a “day sponsor” model like NPR would be nice, where up to three or so individuals could sponsor an episode at $200 an episode–would only add about 10 to 15 seconds to the episode if you did it NPR style. it would be a happy, upbeat way to start a show. (3) sell a HUGE ORANGE SCRIPTNOTES LUGGAGE tag, or give one to listeners that donate a certain amount, because that bright orange logo would be a big help in spotting a suitcase in baggage claim. (4) make a top ten Ted tweets t-shirt, and let voters pick and rank CM’s top Ted tweets, then just sell those hot potatoes for 35 bucks a shirt. I would like to place my order now. then its kind of like ted is personally supporting the podcast.

  67. Anonymous

    I really love the show. I think many of your listeners are newer screenwriters and for this reason the craft sessions are particularly helpful. Would love to see more focus on this area. The business tips are wonderful, but if craft hasn’t been mastered – particularly with new writers – much of the business side may be moot. Just a thought. Thank you for everything you do!

  68. Alston

    Short-time listener here, so not sure what’s already been attempted in terms of funding, but I’m always a big fan of Patreon for monthly donations, especially as I already have an account. I’m not a fan of downloading a separate app to my phone to access episodes as I have an Android and am constantly fighting for app space on my hard drive.

    That said, as I catch up on the back-catalog I already have downloaded on my iTunes, I’m probably going to find a way to donate for the old episodes — either via the USB or monthly donation — both to simply listen to the amazing content as well as to support your future episodes. My ultimate listener goal is to both help you financially and find an easy way to listen to all your episodes.

  69. Mahamed

    First of all thank you for the extremely valuable content you provide. I feel the main issue that the podcast is facing, is whether or not to charge for previous episodes. As someone who has finally realised that screenwriting, would be something that would make me happy to do in this life. It would be nice to listen to earlier episodes to learn more about the craft. But I can understand why you charge, because you are supporting people’s living. Therefore, I think great models to follow are the moment by Brian Koppelman and the Joe Rogan experience. I use Brian’s podcast as a example because it has a similar tone to scriptnotes, and I use The Rogan experience because the episodes are mostly 3 hours long. Both examples are very different, but both use advertisement as forms of income while both allowing the show to be free. I hope this help and all the best.

  70. Mj

    How about a lifetime member/subscriber option that allows access to past and future podcasts for one time fee…

  71. Mark Stalnaker

    I bought both the 100-episode and 200-episode drives. I don’t revisit episodes all that often, but I like having them available when I want to refer to them. If I were to buy the proposed 250-episode drive, I would give the 200 drive to a screenwriter friend like I did the 100.

  72. Anonymous

    I bought the first USB drive to catch up. Now every week I save the episodes to my Dropbox.

  73. Amie Kaufman

    Hi guys,

    Firstly, thank you for an awesome podcast! I don’t live in the screenwriting world at all — I’m an author, and I listen to the podcast for your fantastic insights on storytelling and craft, and because it’s so interesting to learn about the industry. I know a lot of published novelists who listen for the same reason.

    I’m a subscriber, but to be honest it’s not because I particularly want the premium content — it’s that I value your work and I want to support it. Using Patreon or participating in a once a year donation drive would be easier for me, if that was on offer.

    I didn’t buy the USBs when they were on offer because of the cost of shipping to Australia, but shipping me damned — I would wear the hell out of a scoop-necked Scriptnotes t-shirt for women if you produce one.

    Thanks again!

  74. Amie Kaufman

    Hi guys,

    Firstly, thank you for an awesome podcast! I don’t live in the screenwriting world at all — I’m an author, and I listen to the podcast for your fantastic insights on storytelling and craft, and because it’s so interesting to learn about the industry. I know a lot of published novelists who listen for the same reason.

    I’m a subscriber, but to be honest it’s not because I particularly want the premium content — it’s that I value your work and I want to support it. Using Patreon or participating in a once a year donation drive would be easier for me, if that was on offer.

    I didn’t buy the USBs when they were on offer because of the cost of shipping to Australia, but shipping be damned — I would wear the hell out of a scoop-necked Scriptnotes t-shirt for women if you produce one.

    Thanks again!

  75. Molly

    Please bring back the original typewriter t-shirt in orange. Mine’s just about dead. I’d happily pay twice what I paid last time to get the shirt and support the show.

  76. Mike R

    Just wanted to chime in and say how much I appreciate the podcast. It seems like whenever I have a question, you guys are there to answer it. Means a lot, thank you.

  77. Scott B

    While the premium subscription app is far from perfect, it allows me to re-listen to episodes as many times as I like. With some favorites, I’ll go back and listen to get a certain idea in my head, or just for reference. I don’t want to keep having to buy new USB drives every 50 episodes in order to have them all at my disposal. Also, the thought of having to keep certain batches of them on my phone instead of having access to all of them at once is a headache. I guess I could start saving them from iTunes as they come out but…

    Really, this comes down to me not wanting to plug my phone into my computer. I can’t be bothered.

  78. Peter

    Not sure if you’re aware of this but I wasn’t able to visit here in Beijing without a VPN. Congratulations. You have been blocked by the Great Firewall of China!

  79. Philipp Dörfler

    So much discussion about whether you should tip uber oder parking guys… More valid question: should you tip your podcast providers and screenwriting teachers?

  80. James McConnell

    I echo Conor’s comments. I have listened to the podcast from the very beginning so wouldn’t get much out of buying the back catalog of episodes BUT I would be willing to pay for episodes that have been packaged together by topic. You could provide an episode each on:

    • 3 page challenges
    • The craft of screenwriting
    • The business of screenwriting
    • Movie analysis (Raiders, Groundhog Day)
    • One Cool Thing

    I would be more than willing to pay for those episodes as they could form a reference library that I could continually use. I also try and support the podcast by buying t-shirts and have also picked up a couple of Writer Emergency Packs.

    I love the podcast and can’t thank both John and Craig enough for donating their time over the years. I hope it continues for the years to come…

  81. Dat Lawthing

    I said maybe when queried about purchasing the USB. Normally, I find the transcript to be more helpful than listening. Just how I learn, don’t judge me. I will give you guys a shoutout when I make the Blacklist, win Nicholl and collect my best original screenplay Oscar. I could also donate.

  82. Sherren

    hey guys, I subscribe to Scriptnotes via iTunes and it’s the easiest way for me, because I can just use my “Podcast” app on my phone to listen to all my podcasts. I am not currently a premium subscriber but I’d sign up in a heartbeat if I could become a premium subscriber via iTunes. Also, I’m a Canadian listener and really want to buy the USB drive with the back episodes. However, the shipping fee is a bit too expensive for me, sadly. It would be amazing if you’d be able to offer a digital download of your back episodes for a fee. Hope this helps! Thanks so much for the great podcast!

  83. Mimi

    I subscribe to the Premium feed and think it’s awesome value for money. I have an undergraduate degree AND a masters degree from one of the top universities in the world for creative writing but I’ve learnt more about story and narrative from your revelatory show in a few months than from years of academic study.

    I listen on the Scriptnotes app as well as using the iPhone podcasts app. I often re-listen to episodes and sometimes make notes! I wouldn’t buy the drive because I find shipping from the US to the UK a hassle in general – will it make it, how long will it take, will there be customs charges and so forth.

  84. Corey Pierno

    Hi guys!

    Your work is fantastic! I love the premium feed, however I dislike the Scriptnotes app, and so I end up listening to new shows in my podcast app and then jumping to the scriptnotes app for the “extra’s” and back episodes.


  85. Tim

    I buy a t-shirt every year and would happily pay a little extra for them to further subsidise the podcast. I wouldn’t buy a USB as I don’t think I’d ever have the time to go back and listen to the episodes again.

  86. César Hernández López

    I am a listener from Spain. I haven’t had a job in almost three years and so I’m glad you offer the possibility of free listening to the podcast in your website because I’m unable to pay anything beyond my rent and food and I consider this podcast the most useful tool I’ve ever encountered for screenwriters (or just writers). Of course I write in spanish for spanish market, which it’s very different than writing for english market both in format and even structure (we usually work with more literature-like scripts with no camera angles nor visual notes) but I’ve always wanted to move to english markets and your podcast maintain that dream in the realm of future possibilities. I’ll be pleased to buy the USB libraries if I had the chance or to support the podcast in any other way but economic crisis had made things here really difficult and nowadays I just can’t afford it. The same works for Premium subscriptions. Despite that, I’m glad that you continue to offer the shows in the web because I am a hardcore fan of Scriptnotes. I think that maybe would be interesting to make a show about screenwriting in different languages or markets than american. Now, companies such as Netflix or HBO are starting to arrive in spanish market (I mean Europe, of course) and I found maybe this traditional outdated market that we have here are beginning to open to characteristics of american market, so I think it’s interesting to already have an ongoing tool to show us how this would work. Keep on with your great work and thank you very much for everything. Gracias!

  87. Lowell Williams

    I’ve been listening since just prior to 200. I bought the 200 episode USB. I don’t need the premium feed. I can save the ones I’d like with the podcast app. I’d be happy to donate something annually without getting a tote bag or T shirt in return. Love the show. Never miss an episode.

  88. ko

    If you could do a USB every 100 episode that might be useful. Like a USB after the 300th episode with all 300 episodes and extras. I’d buy that.

  89. John

    When I first discovered your podcast, I subscribed to the premium feed so I could listen to all the episodes. Once, I caught up with episodes, I stopped with premium feed. I also bought the last USB with all 200 episodes. I think it might be helpful if you sold USB drives in 50 episode batches and maybe every 100 episodes. Since I own the first 200 episodes, I wouldn’t be interested in buying the first 250 episodes but instead episodes 201-250. But I guess it might depend on price as well.

    I’d also be interested in trying to connect with other listeners/writers in the Atlanta area. I would think with your listener base you could somehow help folks connect with one another.

    And let be known that I think you all need to do a live show in Atlanta. We are the Hollywood of the South or Y’all-ywood as some people say. I can help organize.

  90. Pam

    I don’t subscribe to the premium feed because I bought the 200-episode USB. I definitely think the USBs are a great value, and you should continue making them. Personally I probably wouldn’t buy it again (now that I’m caught up) but I think it’s a tremendous resource for people just joining in who have missed all those past episodes. (Anyone who doesn’t have one of the USBs, buy one! So worth it!) Thanks again for your time, wisdom, and work!

  91. Ian Heath

    Have been listening for years. Subscribed to the premium app so I could start at episode one and work my way through them all. I’m taking my time with it. And besides, it’s two bucks a month. You guys deserve it for sure. Best two dollars I spend each month. Hmm… I could park my car for half an hour, or have a crappy coffee, maybe buy a couple erasers or something. Or get four hours worth of invaluable insights into writing. Everyone should subscribe just because. Even if they don’t listen that often. Incidentally, I’m up to episode 180 now. Anyway, thanks for all the hours of talking and effort you guys put in. It’s truly the most helpful thing in screenwriting. Really great. Please keep it up for years to come. I hope one day I will be a guest. Love the “how would this be a movie”. Would be great to make it more a regular thing. I don’t have anything else. Just please keep this going. Oh, and the newsletter is perfect for me because since I’m not listening to the new episode each week (yet) as I work my way through the back episodes, I miss out on offers like t-shirts and other fun things. So great idea!

  92. John

    I subscribe to the Premium feed, but only remember a couple of times a year. For me, $2 for anytime access to the archive is a sweet deal. Subscribing — even when I don’t use it all the time — is my way to continue supporting you guys.

    (I’m also a screenwriting teacher, so I make my students listen sometimes.)

  93. Andy Polaine

    I’d suggest putting together a paid downloadable archive. I’m pretty sure there are services out there that allow this – Squarespace and Shopify do, I believe. You could even have small, medium and large – all eps, from 0-100, or something similar. I don’t really need another USB drive in my life, but would love to access older content. I guess I could do a short subscription for that.

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