Hive Mind

Pour one out for “Hold my beer”

“Hold my beer” is getting clammy, but it’s worth exploring why it works as a Twitter joke.

Podcaster as cult leader

Danny Manus warns that screenwriters are unwittingly being drawn into cults. Yet most popular podcasts inherently cult-like.

Rude Awakenings

As longtime readers know, I love me a supercut. This one by Roman Holiday explores the trope of characters sitting up in bed after a nightmare.

Help Stuart with AdWords

I have a hunch that some readers may have a lot of experience with AdWords. You might have good advice for Stuart, both in terms of maximizing exposure and minimizing frustration.

Spring cleaning

With your help, we’re reviewing the 1,440 articles on the site to get them spic-and-span.

Math advice for paranoid aliens

Story problems in math rarely overlap with story problems in screenwriting, but today I have one that I could use some help figuring out.

Mapping The Variant

Partially-redacted sales data for The Variant is available for curious data-miners.

Snopes plugin

Whenever a family member forwards an email with a warning about an urgent peril to my health, I immediately visit to confirm my suspicion that it’s a hoax. I then copy a link to the article and send it back, with a gently-worded request to please check Snopes before sending out similar emails. Today’s […]

WEHT Sophocles?

A reader from Belgium writes: I am a dedicated user of Sophocles. Indeed, my new film, its breakdown, call sheets, budget and whatnot have been generated with that software, which I find the best, most complete, film-minded and reliable that I have ever used (and I used or tried about everything that is out there […]

Scrippets for Blogger

The Scrippets plug-in for WordPress seems to be working well for self-hosted blogs, but it’s no use to folks who use services like Blogger, Tumblr and the like. For people on these platforms, the cost of simplicity is customization — they’re easy to use and hard to modify. But in an effort to share the […]

Scrippets, a call to coders

UPDATED. See below. For the past four years, I’ve been including little blocks of formatted screenplay examples in my posts, such as… INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY As the phone RINGS, Gary dozily reaches one dirty-socked foot off the couch to sit up — and suddenly finds himself falling. He lands hard, dazed. We REVEAL […]

Facebook, a hive mind question

Once upon a time, I had a MySpace page, to which I happily added anyone as a friend. But right around hitting the 1,000 friend mark, I realized my patience for the site’s embedded idiocy — the 1998-style formatting, cheesy graphics, junior high demographics — was finite. I left it sitting fallow,1 even while recognizing […]