Charles Forman, who has already made some really interesting tools for visualizing Fountain screenplays, is back with Storyboard Fountain:

Storyboard Fountain works with a Fountain screenplay file. Open it, and the entire script is displayed on the left of the file. Action, dialogue, and parenthetical lines are shown as elements, so you can create boards for every filmable line in the movie. In fact, you can have as many boards as you want per line, or even choose not to have a board, if it’s not necessary.

As you draw, each drawing tool you use is saved on its own layer. The images are saved in a folder next to your Fountain file on your hard drive. The reference to each board is saved in location in the Fountain file itself. As a result, you can use the Fountain editor of your choice to edit your script while maintaining the integrity of the location of the storyboards.

Developers Charles Forman and Chris Smoak have released an open-sourced alpha version for the Mac.

Do most screenwriters need this kind of tool? No.

But screenplays aren’t just for writers. They’re platforms upon which to build a movie, a process that involves many different artists and professions. For some films, storyboarding is key part of the process, so anything that can help couple the words to the images is a win.

I love to see developers using Fountain to build applications like these. It’s an exciting time.