Ben Godar uses Highland to read screenplays on his Kindle by converting PDFs:

Once you drag the PDF into Highland, it will convert it into Fountain – recognizing all the screenplay elements. Export as a Fountain file, then save as plain text. From there, you can get the file onto your Kindle by e-mailing it to your Kindle address, upload using a program like Calibre, etc.

Fountain files are really just text files. You can change the .fountain extension to .txt and Kindle will happily read them.

The file still won’t look exactly like a screenplay on your Kindle. Everything will be left justified. But the line breaks will stay the same, character names will be capitalized… all in all, it will look like a screenplay.

Ben’s solution works, but I’d love to see a little more screenplay formatting. If any clever readers feel like some geekery this holiday weekend, here’s my challenge to you:

Build a converter that takes a Fountain file and formats it nicely for the Kindle.

In addition to text files, Kindle understands RTF and HTML/CSS, so one of those might be a good option.

If you make something interesting, email or tweet me a link. I will be delighted to hype anything cool that comes of it.