Redbox, the DVD rental kiosk company, sent out a press release with a list of their most-rented titles for 2011:

  • Most-Rented Movie: Just Go With It
  • Most-Rented Action Movie: The Green Hornet
  • Most-Rented Comedy Movie: Just Go With It
  • Most-Rented Drama Movie: The Tourist
  • Most-Rented Family Movie: Rango
  • Most-Rented Horror Movie: Insidious


I couldn’t remember what Just Go With It even was — although I was pretty sure Katherine Heigl was in it.

But I was wrong.

Just Go With It was the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy I never saw. My first instinct was to write something snide about how Adam Sandler is a big star among Americans who get their cinema and broccoli at the same place.

However, that would be unfair. The movie was financially successful: $103 million domestic box office. But that ranks it only #25 among the top movies of the year.

In fact, none of the films on Redbox’s most-rented list made the box office top 10 for the year — Rango made the most, landing at #19.

So why are they the winners here?

Because they happened to come out early in 2011 (or late in 2010), and were on video longer.

Title Theatrical Release Video Release
Just Go With It 2/11/11 6/7/2011
The Green Hornet 1/14/11 5/3/11
The Tourist 12/10/10 3/22/11
Rango 3/4/11 7/15/11
Insidious 4/1/11 7/12/11

Redbox’s list could more honestly be called, “Some movies that came out on video early in 2011.”