fdx reader iconApple just approved an update for FDX Reader. If you’ve installed the app, it should show up in your App Store updates soon.

Version 1.0.2 addresses two issues:

  • A4-sized paper.
  • Final Draft’s “Dual Dialogue” option.

Our trouble handling A4 paper reveals our provincialism; all of our beta testers were North American. A4 paper is common everywhere else in the world, and should be celebrated by geeks for its mathematical purity.

For this build, we focused on making sure A4 paper wouldn’t cause the formatting to go completely bonkers. We’re not yet paginating for the extra lines on A4, so page counts will be off for longer scripts.

(My A4 story: While in London prepping for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I had a minor battle with the Warner Bros. script department in Burbank. They reformatted our A4 script to 8.5×11, and claimed it was 10 pages too long. Ultimately, we threw their script in the trash — which we called the bin, being British and all.)

Final Draft’s dual dialogue option displays two characters’ dialogue side-by-side. While it’s often and easily abused, it is useful in the right situations.

Because we allow the user to increase the font size, trying to keep the dialogue side-by-side proved ungainly. So we’re unwrapping it, displaying the right-side character after the left-side character.

We have some ideas for indicating this dialogue is simultaneous, but your suggestions are of course invited.

Each time we update the app, our user reviews disappear from the main screen. If you’ve left a comment about a previous version and want to leave another, by all means do. They help users see how the app is evolving.