Online video service Hulu is now featuring my first movie, Go. If you haven’t seen it — and you live in U.S., and you’re over 17 — it’s worth a look. It even has a great, minimalist URL:

(Update March 2011: Depending on licensing agreements, Go is sometimes available on Hulu. Other times, you’ll find it on Crackle, Netflix Instant or Amazon Streaming. It’s almost always available somwhere.)

I really doubted Hulu when it was first announced, because everything the studios touch tends to be needlessly complicated and crappy. But Hulu works great for catching up on old TV shows, and now movies. The advertising isn’t terribly intrusive, either.

Will I get residuals? We’ll see. But considering Go is easily available in hundreds of illegal sites online, I’m just happy to find it in a clean, well-lighted place with 480p resolution.