We had 57 official entries. That’s a lot, and it’s about the most I could handle without my eyeballs exploding.1 I’m happy to report that many of the entries were quite good, and it was genuinely a pleasure to watch them. Most of them.

I feel like I should pad this opening bit with a few more paragraphs explaining the organizational process (a shared Google spreadsheet), judging criteria (uniqueness > believability) and common elements (nearly every trailer had Hope Davis’s boobs getting groped). But all you really want to know is who won.

So without ado…

Best “Pure” Trailer

“City of Untamed Lust” by Michael Bell


Note that the “pure” category means trailers that use only the footage provided, not that they’re necessarily true to the spirit of the movie. The latter really deserves its own category, so I’m going to use executive privilege to create one.

Could Have Been The Actual Trailer Award

The Nines Trailer by Ed Jones

You can see a much higher-res version of the trailer here.

Best Mash-Up

The Nines (Holiday Version) by cmikes

While these are the award-winners, there are a lot of honorable mentions and notable efforts:

There were at least another half-dozen that were solid, mostly ones that played it fairly straight. They didn’t stand out because, well, they didn’t stand out. As much as one tries to keep fresh eyes, after the first 20, it’s the novel ones that get noticed.

A general observation is that the successful trailers were the ones that picked a simple concept and stuck with it. Many trailers felt like they were driven by what footage was left in the bin.

Even though the official contest is over, I’ll keep seeding the footage, so if seeing these trailers has inspired any non-participants to try their mouse at it, by all means go ahead. There’s a new thread set up to keep track of post-competition entries. I’ll be checking in occasionally, and if one catches my eye I may post it here (and at lookforthenines.com).

Thanks and congrats to all who participated. It was really refreshing to see the movie cut to ribbons reinterpreted.

  1. Someone asked yesterday what I would have done if a thousand people entered. I would have curled into a fetal ball and rocked myself through tears.