Screenblogger Devon DeLapp was generous enough to type up his notes of my recent Q&A at the Writers Guild Foundation. He did a good job keeping up with a rambling conversation. I only have a few real corrections/clarificatons:

  • Go really didn’t change that much from the first draft.
  • Charlie’s Angels was a positive experience, but not “a total love fest.” [clears throat]
  • My dad died several years before I read Big Fish.
  • For Thief of Always, I was fired for a very specific reason: the director and novelist hated my script.
  • Drew Barrymore’s relative star power wasn’t the deciding factor on Barbarella; there were complicated studio politics at work.
  • “I can beat myself with the best of them.” Well, I probably said that, but it sounds kind of naughty out of context.
  • Although I write longhand (a scribble version, followed by a readable one), what my assistant types up is exactly the script, not notes. I’ll try to scan some of these scenes so people can see what I mean.
  • “Get job as a writer on TV” — as if it’s that easy. But I really do think that every screenwriter should look at TV as just another screen, and pursue it if at all interested.

You can read the whole shebang here. Thanks again to Devon for putting it up.