geek alertUnlike some sites, where the number of comments on a given article can reach triple-digits, most of the threads at stay pretty short. Still, sometimes you want to keep on top of an interesting discussion without re-visiting the site every hour. That’s where RSS can be your friend.

On every article, down by the “Leave a comment” section, you’ll find a link for “RSS feed for comments on this post.”

rss feed screenshot

If you click it, you’ll get gibberish. Rather, copy the link (which ends with ‘/feed/’) and paste it into your newsreader of choice (such as Bloglines, NetNewsWire, or the new Safari RSS). You’ll then get every comment on the article as it appears, without ever having to go back to check the original page. And when you’re done following a conversation, just delete the link. No fuss, no muss.

Incidentally, this technique works for almost any blog you visit. So definitely try to make use of it.

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