I have just finished my first feature APPLESEED LAKE which I wrote/directed/produced on a very low budget. I am now at the stage where I am preparing to show it to people whilst at the same time writing my follow up script. Would it help me get (writing) representation by showing agents the finished film? Or should I just stick to showing prospective agents scripts that I have written?


If you’re interested in both writing and directing, you’ll obviously want to find an agent who handles both fields. Both your screenplay and your feature will be important at some stage.

Because of the time commitment involved, not many agents are apt to pop in a videotape to check out a low-budget movie from someone they’ve never heard of. The odds of suckage are just too high. They are, however, more likely to crack open a script. Your instincts are right.

If your film gets into some festivals, however, that can be a great way to get the process started. Say an agent sees your film and introduces herself. That’s a tremendous opportunity to talk about the scripts you’ve written and offer one to read. Most writer/directors at a film festival don’t have representation going in, and smart agents will always be looking for new talent.