Daniel Wallace just tipped me off that the Big Fish trailer is now available on Yahoo! Movies. You can find it, and a lot of photos from the production, here. For right now, it’s only available in Real Player and Windows Media Player formats, but Sony is good about getting Quicktime trailers up, so I’ll be sure to mention when/where one becomes available.

The trailer was cut together by a company called Ant Farm, working under the guidance of the studio marketing department. I like it, though we’ve been through a lot of sturm and drang over it for the past few weeks. Basically, this is a very hard movie to explain in two minutes, and the more you try to explain it, the less satisfactory it becomes. Do you need to say that Will and Edward are estranged? That Edward is sick? That Will married a French woman? That the giant eats sheep?

What I like about the trailer we ended up with is that it more or less feels like movie, without trying to tell a lot of the story. I hope people like it.