Once or twice a year, we make new Scriptnotes t-shirts. We offer them for pre-order, and print a few to sell in the store.

Here are some examples from previous years:

scriptnotes t-shirts




(All of these are sold out.)

This year, we’d love for our listeners to come up with the new Scriptnotes shirt. I suspect we have ridiculously talented designers listening to the show, and can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Here are the important details:

  1. This isn’t a competition or a commission. It’s only for Scriptnotes fans who really, really want to design a t-shirt for the podcast. It’s like the outros, but with polycotton blends.
  2. Don’t use other people’s stuff. BUT you can feel free to use any part of the Scriptnotes logo, including the typewriter.
  3. We might decide to showcase some of the entries, or have voting. Or we might just pick the one we like the best. Or we might choose none of them.
  4. Artwork should be in a format that we can use. That includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and nearly anything else. But a photo of your cat wouldn’t work.
  5. It’s helpful but not required to include a mockup of what your design would look like printed on a shirt, particularly if you have specific colors in mind.
  6. Our t-shirts have traditionally been printed with one or two colors. You could be more ambitious, but that might factor against your entry. (But it might also be great.)
  7. This sounds obvious, but design a t-shirt you’d actually want to wear.
  8. Whatever you design, it’s still yours. You can use it in your portfolio, adapt it for something else, or even print your own Scriptnotes fan shirts. We’ll just be asking for the right to use the design for these shirts.
  9. We’ll credit you in store and on the show. If it it works for your design to have your credit there too, great.
  10. We print our shirts in Los Angeles using fabrics hand-picked by Stuart for unbelievable softness.

If your design is chosen, we’ll talk about how awesome you are on the show, and send you TWO shirts so you can wear one and put the other in vacuum storage for your grandchildren.

The deadline for submitting your design is August 11, 2015.

Submit your design here:

Questions? Concerns? Ask John on Twitter @johnaugust or email ask@johnaugust.com