Although IMDb says otherwise, I’m not writing Tim Burton’s recently announced Frankenweenie feature.

Here’s the long-ish version: I had a meeting with Disney Animation about a year ago, in which they pitched the idea of doing a feature version of Tim’s Frankenweenie short film. They even had production art for it. Then, separately, I had a conversation with Tim about doing another stop-motion animation project like Corpse Bride.

But they’re not the same thing. And as far as I know, I won’t be working on either one. (That said, I didn’t think I was working on Corpse Bride until I was halfway on a plane to London, so never say never.)

To further confuse matters, there’s a different and as-yet-unannounced Tim Burton project (live action) which I almost certainly will be writing post-strike. And yes, I’d love to tell you what it is. But I can’t.

The Nines, U.K.

I spent the morning doing phone interviews for The Nines, which gets its theatrical release in the U.K. this Friday. We’re playing at three locations in London…

…plus other screens throughout the country. It’s a bit frustrating that in this age of Google, it’s so difficult to come up with a master list. (Part of this is my difficulty with U.K. postcodes, which are more specific than their U.S. equivalents.) So far, I’ve been able to find listings (but not showtimes) for Glasgow and Edinburgh, but if readers discover other locations, by all means share.

The British site for the movie,, is better than the American one. (Update March 2011: The UK site is no longer active.) We’ll be re-doing ours in the next few weeks in anticipation of the DVD release (January 29th).

Strike, day twenty-two

Early morning at Paramount was chilly but unremarkable, with a mix of familiar faces and new folks. The negotiations (which just re-opened today) were of course a major topic of conversation, but I also learned a lot about the inner workings of Ugly Betty and the wild-west state of videogame writing.

The New York Times pulled several quotes from this blog in an article that ran today. I’ve no real objections, though I’ll point out that picketing isn’t nearly the party the article might have you believe. Yes, I’ve enjoyed meeting and walking with many talented writers, people I previously only knew by credits. But I’m delighted to put down my sign at the end of every shift.

Let me be clear: Picketing sucks. It’s the situation that makes it necessary. It’s the people who make it bearable.

I’ll be back at my post tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m., if anyone else cares to experience it first-hand.