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What I’d like to know about the story…

A. Did you like it?

B. Did you find any typos or errors?

C. Which title do you prefer: “The Variant” or “The Egyptian Variant” ?

D. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

About distribution…

I’m trying to figure out if there’s an interesting way to distribute this for roughly the same as a single on iTunes.

E. Do you have a Kindle? If so, would you have bought this for 99 cents? How about $1.99?

F. Do you have an iPhone and/or iPod Touch? If so, would you have bought this (as an e-book application) for 99 cents through the App Store? How about $1.99?

G. A lot of e-books offer a sample chapter (or chapters) as a .pdf to let people try before they buy. If I were to do this, where would be a good place to cut off?

H. Any other thoughts/suggestions/essays are of course welcome.

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