On next week’s episode of the podcast, Craig and I will be answering listener questions about everything except screenwriting. So if you’re a fan who wants to hear Craig’s opinions on velcro shoes or to know my first literary crush (Pete Crenshaw from The Three Investigators), this is your week.

With the exception of the anything-goes topic, standard rules apply. We won’t use your real name unless you ask us to, so feel free to be blunt, dirty and embarrassing.

Sample questions we’ve already gotten:

  • “What your thoughts are on the attractiveness and sex appeal of women with grey hair?”
  • “If I someday have the opportunity to be uploaded into a robot body, should I do it?”
  • “What profession other than writing would you like to attempt?”

Basically, Craig and I will answer almost anything, including giving advice on topics we know little about. So send in those questions if you got ’em.