In addition to all the design work Ryan Nelson does for this site and our various apps, he’s also a bona fide Movie Person.

He and his wife Amy produced a terrific short called Eric Goes West that played Slamdance last year as part of anthology called Holiday Road. The short is now available on its own:

(You can embiggen it over at Vimeo.)

I love that Ryan, Amy and director Dee Austin Robertson simultaneously followed and ignored the standard advice for filmmakers:

  1. The used what they had. They’re sailors, and they had a boat. That boat became the set, and the centerpiece of the story.
  2. They shot on open water, which is a terrible idea. And yet it gave them tremendous production value. It looks expensive, but it was actually just really difficult.

After you’ve had a look, be sure to tweet @ryannelson to tell him what you thought.