brian k vaughan

Who are you and what do you write?

My name is Brian and I mostly write comic books like Saga, though I sometimes slum it in film and television. Most recently, I wrote a pilot adaptation of Stephen King’s awesome Under the Dome for Dreamworks and Showtime.

Where and when do you write?

workspaceI leave my beautiful house and family every morning to write in a cheap flophouse apartment that I rent nearby. My favorite time to write is from midnight to 8am, but now that I have kids, I usually write from 9 to 5, like an average nobody. Like a schnook.

What software do you use?

Final Draft for film and TV, and I just switched to the Mac program Pages for prose and comics. It’s approximately one billion times better than Microsoft Word.

What hardware do you use?

An older MacBook Air and steno notebooks from Staples.

What (if anything) would you change?

About life? Less genocide, I guess. Everything else seems pretty nice.

(photo by Kevin Knight)