Last month, I blogged the good news that a certain well-loved entertainment company wanted to buy 40 copies of Bronson Watermarker.

But with that came a complication: we needed to figure out how to sell it to them.

The Mac App Store (unlike the iOS App Store) doesn’t have a system in place for developers to offer bulk licensing. Which, I noted, creates a host of problems:

That means we’ll have to roll our own serial number system. (Or more likely, just forego it.)

Without the Mac App Store’s update system, we’ll have to check for app updates another way. (Probably Sparkle.)

We may be left maintaining two (or more) versions of the app.

All of that happened.

We rolled a special version of Bronson for this company with updating baked in. They liked it enough that they ended up buying 100 copies. So, score.

We’re now offering volume licensing, with a 100-seat minimum. I hope we’ll be able to do it through the Mac App Store at some point, but for now we can do ad-hoc distribution.